ANAFI, the next generation quadcopter from Parrot, is now available as an Extended version. You can take this full pack with you anytime, anywhere thanks to its compact shoulder bag. This pack provides a total flight time of one hour and 15 minutes with its three smart batteries (included in the pack).


ANAFI Extended is a one of a kind flying 4K, HDR camera with a zoom, providing high-quality footage that rivals a DSLR camera. This Parrot drone contains advanced photo and video features* especially designed to create incredible footage. These include:

  • HDR+ for photos and videos: A unique feature in the consumer drone market; images are perfectly contrasted whatever the exposure conditions.
  • Dolly Zoom: 60 years after its creation by Alfred Hitchcock, ANAFI is the first ever consumer drone that comes fully equipped with this iconic cinematic effect. The Dolly Zoom effect focuses on a person to create the ultimate shot. It can also be used on scenery or landscapes for dramatic video footage of the great outdoors.
  • Hyperlapse video: Capture waves breaking on the shore, or backlighting in just one click, using the time-lapse video setting, with speeds of x15, 30, 60, 120 or 240.
  • Slow Motion 120FPS: An incredible x4 slow-motion video effect in a 720p resolution.
  • Panorama photo modes*: Five different effects available, including Panorama Sphere 360, an awesome immersive experience, Little Planet, Tunnel, Vertical 180°, and Horizontal 180°. Each produce exceptionally breath-taking results.


Fully equipped with optimal flight performances and with professional grade photo and video features, ANAFI Extended has everything you need to shoot your best moments.

ANAFI Extended, the flying camera with breath-taking capabilities

ANAFI Extended comes complete with remarkable features that were engineered to truly challenge existing standards. This Parrot quadcopter is an outstanding drone in every way.
Ultra-compact, robust and lightweight (320 g), it has an impressive flight time of up to one hour and 15 minutes with its three smart batteries (25 minutes per battery).

ANAFI Extended has a built-in 4K HDR camera that is stabilized on three axes. The camera can vertically tilt at 180° – an industry first and has a lossless zoom of 2.8x (3x in standard mode). Very easy to use, the drone has many automated camera movements, effortlessly creating highly complex and incredible shots.

Thanks to its ergonomic and stylish travel bag, you can take it with you on all your adventures. Always at hand, ANAFI unfolds in just three seconds, and is instantly ready to take flight to capture your most beautiful moments.


New photo and video features with incredible rendering!

In a world that revolves around photography, ANAFI Extended frees your inspiration. Providing a new and inimitable perspective of the world, the drone can capture photos and videos from new angles thanks to its spectacular camera movements. From photography and video amateurs, to seasoned professionals, everyone can create high quality content.

Thanks to a new version of the software*, ANAFI Extended further enriches the flight experience with its advanced photo and video features:

HDR+ for photos and videos: Perfectly rendered images

The new HDR+ mode offers a wider dynamic range and automatically adapts to the current lighting conditions. Whatever the environment, the images captured are perfectly contrasted. All details are visible and excess noise is reduced. HDR+ mode can be activated in 4K video, 1080p resolution and in photo mode.


New modes and video effects: Unlimited imagination

ANAFI Extended contains video modes and special effects such as:

  • Dolly Zoom: Pioneered by Alfred Hitchcock for his film “Vertigo”, Dolly Zoom is an extremely complex visual effect to achieve. The central element of the scene remains framed while the background is distorted, the perspective changes, evoking the feeling of vertigo.
    ANAFI is the first drone on the market to offer this cinematographic effect. You can now create a Dolly Zoom with a Point of Interest (POI) as the central element, such as a landmark or a specific element in the environment.
  • Hyperlapse video: Perfect for evolving landscapes, the Hyperlapse video mode creates new visual experiences with accelerations of x15, 30, 60, 120, or 240 videos.
  • Slow Motion 120FPS: ANAFI Extended is cut for action. It accurately captures the finest sports achievements in a Slow Motion mode that’s slowed down 4 times in 720p. Without any other steps, you can create impressive slow motion films and share them on your social media in seconds.


Panorama photo mode*: Stunning shots

The R&D team of Parrot has taken advantage of ANAFI Extended’s camera to create five Panoramic effects with impressive results.

With a simple click via the FreeFlight 6 app, you can access:

  • Vertical Panorama: the ANAFI Extended gimbal carries out a 180° movement, an exclusive function on the market, while the 4K HDR camera with 21MP sensor takes dozens of shots. They are instantly processed and assembled to form an impeccable image.
  • Horizontal Panorama: ANAFI Extended rotates on its axis and creates a panoramic image quickly and easily.
  • Panorama Sphere: In just seconds, ANAFI Extended rotates 360° on its axis while its camera vertically sweeps the scene at 180°.
    Thanks to the computing power of the FreeFlight 6 app, once processed, the shots are assembled to form a 360° image in which you can move around. This can be shared on your Facebook page for example, allowing your friends to be a part of your world and discover an incomparable immersive experience.
  • Little Planet: Your environment is transformed into a spherical image resembling an incredible floating planet. Quite simply, you create your own world.


  • Tunnel: A spherical image is created. Contrary to Little Planet, the sky is in the centre of the image. It’s all topsy-turvy.


ANAFI Extended, with its new software and features is pushing the boundaries and giving customers the opportunity to unleash their creativity. There are plenty more features to discover as you learn to master this matchless drone.

ANAFI Extended Pack content: 1 ANAFI drone, 2 additional smart batteries (3 in total), 1 Parrot Skycontoller 3, 1 ergonomic shoulder bag and 2 month complementary membership to Adobe Creative Cloud or Adobe Premiere Pro CC.

*Software updates available to download free from 25th October via the FreeFlight 6 app. Panorama modes available to download in November 2018.
Software updates available for all ANAFI pilots.