Jean-Patrice, tell us more about your background.

Once I finished my degree, I worked as a Semiconductor Engineer at Infineon. When I was promoted to Innovation Manager, I became extremely interested in intellectual property. So much so that I went back to university to specialize in IP laws.

In 2016, I was hired as the Patent Engineer for the Legal Department of Parrot.


Tell us more about what you do at Parrot.

My job consists of protecting and defending the innovations created by the Parrot teams and let me say that there are a lot. In 2017, we were amongst the top 40 companies who filed the most patents with 36 first patent applications. Another aspect of my job is to deal with IP litigation.

I work very closely with R&D, Marketing, Sales and the Management to ensure we have adopted the best IP strategy for Parrot.

As the Patent Engineer, you must have witnessed uncountable innovations at Parrot. How has your role and the position of drones evolved over the years?

In all the companies I’ve worked for, whether it was a start-up, large corporation or an academic research institution, at one point or another the question of innovation came up.

At Parrot innovation is a natural process, it’s in the DNA of the company. Parrot has a distinctive company culture that can’t be copied or imitated. It’s one of the things that makes Parrot so unique.

You don’t need a workshop full of specialized tools, when innovation is deeply set in the company’s roots.


ANAFI is a game changer for Parrot; tell us about the patent process of this Parrot quadcopter.

We made sure all aspects of ANAFI were protected and in order to do this we filed almost 20 patents. The mechanics, algorithms and electronics including the neuron networks, computer vision, autopilot mode, radio, battery, sensors etc.

I spent a lot of time listening to the R&D team to comprehend what the novelties of ANAFI were. It’s important for me to understand what a new Parrot drone consists of from the very beginning.

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What do you think makes ANAFI unique?

I think the form factor is amazing when you take ANAFI’s size and capacities into account.

ANAFI was created by a brilliant team, who were able to conceive and then create a drone that’s easy to pilot and capable of shooting spectacular footage.