Health from Above – How Parrot Business Solutions Drones Help Farmers Improve Their Crops

One of the biggest challenges a famer must overcome is how to effectively monitor their crop health. It’s no secret that poor crop health can lead to disastrous consequences, such as limited or stunted crop growth.

Traditional methods of crop monitoring and analysis can be costly, time-consuming and even inaccurate, which is why we’re now seeing more and more ag professionals and farmers turning to drone solutions, such as Parrot Disco-Pro AG and Parrot Bluegrass to overcome these challenges.


Help from above

One such example is that of John Henderson, a Zambian farmer who grows beans. Earlier this year, John noticed an uneven growth in his field. Because this was diminishing his yield, he needed a way to quickly and accurately identify what was going on.

Unfortunately, this wasn’t easy to do. That’s because traditional means of analysis and observation with the naked eye often result in inaccurate data.

To solve this problem, John sought the help of iDrone Services Limited, which is a company that offers drone services for professionals in the agricultural industry.

With the help of iDrone Services and by using Parrot Disco-Pro Ag, John was able to inspect his crop health by executing a drone flight to capture images of four hectares of beans.

The images from the drone were captured using a Parrot Sequoia multispectral sensor. The sensor takes visible and nonvisible photos, providing advanced information on the health of crops. To provide this specific data, the camera of Parrot Sequoia captures four spectral bands, green, red, red-edge and near infrared.

Once the data was collected from the drone, John was able to send it to AIRINOV, the pioneer and market leader of agricultural drone services, which in turn was able to provide a report to John with detailed information about his crop health; information that is invisible to the naked eye, such as the rate of chlorophyll.

The AIRINOV report also contained detailed NDVI maps, which helped John identify which crops were healthy and which crops were stressed.

NDVI mapsNDVI map

Precise data when you need it

Parrot Business Solution drones enable farmers to improve their ROI by crosschecking multispectral observations with field observations. The NDVI maps and expert advice provided by AIRINOV allowed John to act quickly, limiting the damage on his plot. He added fertilizer on priority areas, identified during the drone flight. This is something he would never have been able to do using traditional farming techniques.

One of the great thing about this new Parrot technology is that you don’t need to be a seasoned pilot to execute drone flights and gather valuable data. Drone surveillance saves money and is better adapted to the immediate needs of the farmer. Using drones is much more productive than deploying satellites or helicopters. Farmers can perform automatic drone flights over their plots to get more information on the health status of their crops, whenever they want.

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