ANAFI is lightweight, sleek and elegant. Inspired by nature and insects, ANAFI lives up to its promise of being compact, easy-to-use and jam-packed with high-tech photo and video features.
To find out what inspired the drone’s design we caught up with Industrial Designer, Thibaud Keller.

Thibaud, tell us more about your background.

After completing a degree in Industrial Design, I went onto work for Petzl, a company that specializes in equipment for mountaineers, climbers and rope access technicians. For the last three years, I’ve been working as an Industrial Designer at Parrot, designing drones and drone accessories.

Creativity, like any other hobby needs to be practiced regularly so you don’t lose your touch. Which is why I also work as a freelancer, creating products such as bottles and toys. I occasionally do some video editing too.


What are interests you outside of work?

I love DIY and I enjoy making furniture, mainly out of wood. I’m currently working on an artistic project that consists of pulling apart iconic technological objects and presenting them in hollow frames. It’s my way of showing the complexity of everyday objects.

You can see my work here:

I’m also very interested in science and the animal world. If I could, I’d spend all my time watching animal documentaries.

Thibaud 1

Thibaud 2

What do you do at Parrot?

I’m part of the design team and I work on all projects drone related. My job is very closely linked to Marketing and R&D; it’s up to my team to find original ideas based on the needs and expectations of our users. Working alongside engineers, we try to design ergonomic products that are user friendly and reflect the inimitable style of Parrot.

What attracted you to Parrot?

Parrot is an extremely innovative company that is a leader in its domain and working on products as complex as drones is a very rewarding experience. When creating a drone, there are various areas with different constraints that have to be taken into account; mechanical, hardware, motors, antennas, software, packaging etc. All this shows just how much of a team effort creating a product really is.


You’re part of the Product Design team; ANAFI is a very sleek and stylish drone whose design is based on nature and insects. Can you tell us what led to this?

When drawing a drone you cannot afford to create something big or bulky. Each line has to contribute towards its flight capacity. The outer shell needs to be close to the inner components, ensuring a drone that’s as light as possible. When we were brainstorming ideas of something light and fast, we immediately thought of nature and insects. One thing was sure, we did not want ANAFI to look like a cold futuristic machine, but rather a friend that captures photos and videos of your everyday life.


What were your first impressions of ANAFI?

I was very impressed, ANAFI is the only drone in its category that’s ready to fly in less than 15 seconds. Its compact form and carry case make it the ideal companion to take on all your holidays and trips.

What’s your favorite feature?

I often use the Cameraman feature, which automatically frames your subject as you pilot in any direction you like. I love the fact that you can take low-angle shots using the gimbal.