Tackle Home Extension Projects Quickly & Safely With Parrot Bebop-Pro 3D Modeling

In June 2017, homeowner, Yanis Grenier wanted to extend his house. Unfortunately, he had a short timeframe to get it done. To make matters worse, the unique shape and terrace of his home made it difficult and time-consuming to accurately measure his roof and walls.

Knowing he needed help, he contacted La Maison des Travaux, a building contracting company based in Paris that used Parrot Bebop-Pro 3D Modeling—an all-in-one drone solution for architects, building professionals and real estate agencies—to take measurements and create 3D models of his home quickly and accurately.

la maison des travaux

Saving time and money

Part of what makes Parrot Bebop-Pro 3D Modeling such an effective tool for home extension projects, such as Yanis’, is the drone’s ability to work faster and more efficiently, even in difficult conditions.

When it came to his home extension, the drone’s speed and efficiency is something Yanis recalls as a major benefit.

“I was in a hurry to get the extension done, and La Maison des Travaux offered an innovative solution that helped me save a lot of time.”

Despite the property being a terraced house and featuring a unique L-shape, Jean-Michel Vigneron, La Maison des Travaux’s Network Leader, flew the Parrot Bebop-Pro 3D Modeling to measure and create a 3D model of the house.

To get all the data required, the drone was launched twice – with all the photos captured in just two three-minute flights around the house.

The 3D model of the house was then computed in the cloud from the photos shot by the drone (using Pix4D software), which helped Jean-Michael and his team take the measurements they needed with a 10 cm precision and in less than 10 minutes.

la maison 2

Clever use of the cloud

By combining a lightweight drone and powerful Pix4D software, Parrot Bebop-Pro 3D Modeling saves time and provides a more efficient means to create photorealistic 3D models, photos and videos of houses and buildings.

The resulting 3D models can then be directly computed and stored in the cloud, with no need to download complex software.

Sharing 3D models with partners and colleagues to estimate cost and duration of projects is essential to a business such as La Maison des Travaux, which is a network of certified building and architectural professionals.

Because La Maison des Traveux offers free quotes to potential customers, it needs to be very accurate in its assessments. Thanks to Parrot Bebop-Pro 3D Modeling, it can provide the accurate assessments its business and customers need.

la maison 3

Safety in the sky

But it’s not just the benefits listed above that has professionals such as Jean-Michael excited about the technology. The added safety benefit is another reason the drone has proved such a smart business decision for La Maison des Travaux.

“Parrot Bebop-Pro 3D Modeling is a great tool for home extension projects, saving you time and money,” says Jean-Michael. “But it’s also great because you no longer need to climb onto roofs, thus avoiding risks and in less than two hours you have your photos, your 3D model and your measurements done.”

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