Can you introduce yourself to our community?

My name is Jonathan Bertin, I am a photographer specialized in travel & lifestyle. For over 2 years now, I have been exploring the world, searching for adventure in the most beautiful landscapes, while sharing my escapades and my images with my community on social networks.

john 1

How and when did you discover your passion for photography?

After a long road trip in the USA, I came back with more than 3,000 pictures on my smartphone. I immediately understood that I needed to move up a gear. Few months later I bought my very first SLR, a Nikon D3200

What equipment do you use to make your shots?

Now I mainly use a Nikon D610 equipped with a 24-70mm f / 2.8 lens and my ANAFI drone.

Your job makes you travel a lot, especially when you’re on tour with artists. What is the most photogenic country (or city) for you?

For my part I greatly appreciated Iceland for its breathtaking landscape. The California for its graphic atmosphere and colors. And South West Europe for the diversity of its backdrops.

john 3

We know you for your photos but you also produce very elaborate videos on your road trips on your YouTube channel. In these videos, you use a lot of drone images. What new creative opportunities offers you ANAFI?

Exactly! By the way new videos are coming very soon on my channel. Now with ANAFI I’m able to better manage scenes with high contrast, I can obtain perfect image rendering in dark and over-exposed areas, because this drone is equipped of a HDR mode in 4K.

But what interests me the most is the camera that tilts vertically at an angle of 180°, it allow to make very creative shots! For instance, a cliff jump or a beautiful cliff to bring out the sensations.

john 4

What is the most beautiful landscape you ever immortalize with a drone?

It’s a small lake lost between Slovenia and Italy, Lago Del Predil according to my memories. An incredible place that crossed our path.

john 2

You work and accompany internationally renowned artists such as Mome and Petit Biscuit, are there other artists with whom you would like to collaborate?

I don’t have any name in mind but I love working with artists from different musical backgrounds such as rap, pop, rock, etc …

You have just returned from a trip to Spain in duet with the video artist Gregsway, whose lifestyle “Van life” has obviously inspired you a lot. Do you have other projects, future collaborations of this type?

Exactly! I already had the opportunity to discover the Van Life before but with Greg we have exactly the same passion for the creation of images, the sharing and the trip. We discovered each other during this road trip in Galicia and we realized that we work really well together. We will go back on the road for 3 weeks together. As I answer this interview, I am in the back seat of the motorhome on the main road to the south of Croatia. For the continuation it will be necessary to wait, but beautiful projects arrive!

john 5

What advice would you give to people who want to live their passion for photography?

I think the main thing in this job is to find his style, his universe. This is the first step, and probably the hardest before starting to showcase his work. For that you have to work tirelessly, to take inspiration, to try different styles, while remaining passionate.