Based in Indianapolis, USA, RATIO Architects specializes in the restoration of historic buildings and monuments. In 2017, this company was given the responsibility of restoring the South Side Turnverein Building. Erected in 1900 by Vonnegut & Bohn, this building notably houses a group of sculptures by Rudolf Schwartz (1865-1912), which needed very special care.

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Every building or monument restoration project starts with a quote: in the summer of 2017, Point Comfort Properties LLC asked RATIO Architects to study the possibility of restoring the South Side Turnverein Building, a landmark of the local German community. Handling such a request would typically involve setting up cumbersome scaffoldings and moving them around, to explore every area and angle of the building.

That time, however, the RATIO team had a Parrot Bebop-Pro 3D Modeling at its disposal: this complete modeling solution is based on a light and incomparably reliable Parrot Bebop 2 series drone, and on FreeFlight Pro, Flight Plan and Pix4D cutting-edge pieces of software.

Two 25-minute flights were therefore enough for Benjamin L. Ross, RATIO’s project leader, to explore the whole of the South Side Turnverein, including its sculptures, and to establish the requested quote.

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The experience with FreeFlight Pro and the Flight Plan capabilities were very intuitive. After some tests and setting the safety parameters, it was easier to get the desired overall shots with Flight Plan and Pix4D. The detailed shots of the damaged sculpture were very helpful and done in the manual flight mode”, Benjamin stated.

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Thanks to this experience, the RATIO team has adopted Parrot Bebop-Pro 3D Modeling as its go-to tool for future similar projects: “The ease of use was very impressive, and we were surprised by the accuracy of the programmed flight plan. Being able to dimension from a detailed model is extremely valuable and saves a considerable amount of time. (…) This method will prove to be very valuable as we continue to preserve historic buildings and assess their current condition”, Benjamin concluded.

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