« This genius connected flower pot makes sure you’ll never kill another plant again. »


« Parrot Pot can sense the water level in a plant, then automatically water it »

New York Times


The self-watering and connected pot is getting closer to release.


This pot cares


Perfect Drop

Intelligent irrigation system manages your plant’s water consumption and automatically adapts to different needs. The perfect amount of water will always be delivered at exactly the right time.

Plant Sitter

Optimizes water efficiency, ensuring up to a month of unattended care for your plant. You can go on vacation knowing that your plant will still be there, happy and healthy when you get back.

Plant Expert

Four sensors analyze light, temperature, fertilizer levels and soil moisture around the clock. Parrot’s Plant Database utilizes expert advice from the world’s best botanists to optimize your plants environment.

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  • Wireless connected pot with 2.2L water tank.
  • Database of more than 8,000 plants with custom advice and suggestion of the best fitted plants for your area.
  • Flower Power Free App for advanced monitoring of your plant’s health and to receive real-time alerts and advice.
  • Use both Indoor & Outdoor


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