Today, after 2 years and 8 month of Research & Development, we are excited to introduce a new member of the drones family: The Flying Saucer Drone!



We are always looking for ideas to give our pilot new flying sensations.The concept of a flying saucer is very old but who knew it would become reality so soon? We used a complex combination of centripetal force auto stabilization to get our newest drone in the air. What started as a joke in the cafeteria, began to take shape after a first series of feasibility studies  about the later called “Flying saucer Project”.


It’s improved flying mechanism allowed us to add  new sensors to our product. We are working on developing a voice and motion control add-on. As the popularity of drones grow every day, we really want the flying saucer to be easy to fly. Any body should master most of it basic properties.


Let’s not beat around the bush here are the flying saucer’s main characteristics:


  • 4K  and 3D camera
  • Lithium-ion 3500 mAh battery which provides around 19mn of flight
  • Ultra-light ionized aluminium and carbon-fiber structure for a choc-resistant drone
  • Hand gesture control for fine piloting at close range using a thin electronic bracelet
  • Skycontroller compatible for long range flights


Official Release in December 2015!


The laws and regulation for personal drones still apply to our Flying saucer. Make sure to read our previous article about it.