[#CES2015] Parrot RNB6 is the winner of 2 awards:

In-Vehicle Audio/Video Best Of Innovation Award
and In-Vehicle Accessories/Control/Navigation innovation award



[July 2015 update] RNB6 project was showcased at CES Las Vegas in January 2015 (watch video below). This infotainment system was selected by several automakers who envision to integrate it in their next-generation car models next year and beyond. As of today there is no plan to sell RNB6 in Aftermarket channels as RNB6 embedded technologies require deep integration with car series and manufacturers. www.parrotautomotive.com

Parrot RNB6 (project code name) is an exceptional Android 2-DIN Infotainment Navigation System. Developed with safety in mind, this revolutionary head-unit leverages Parrot’s extensive expertise in head-unit conception, voice recognition, Android operating system (Lollipop 5.0) and wireless technology to offer a smarter, safer and more innovative driving experience.


Parrot RNB6


Android Auto & CarPlay ready!

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Powered by Android Lollipop 5.0

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In the press:

“And CarPlay/Android Auto feature is a welcome one for households—like mine!—that have a split platform personality. Or, you know, if you don’t want your car to dictate what phone you buy next.” – Brian Barrett, Gizmodo

“One other impressive feature here is that, like Parrot’s audio products, the RNB6 lets you adjust the sound stage inside the car, so that when the driver is by himself or herself, the music can be set to sound as if you’re sitting in the middle instead of off-center.” –Richard Lai, Engadget

“The really cool thing is that it’s OS agnostic. In other words, it can switch between Android Auto and Apple CarPlay at the touch of a button. Joe Svetlik, Trusted Reviews

The Verge: Parrot’s new dashboard wants to turn your old clunker into a smartcar

Gizmodo: Parrot’s New In-Dash System Gives Any Dumb Car Apple or Android Brains

CNET: Parrot RNB 6 brings Android Auto and CarPlay to any ol’ car

Slash Gear: Parrot RNB6 hands-on: Android Auto and Apple CarPlay for all

Engadget: Parrot’s Android-powered car system also does Apple CarPlay

Parrot RNB6 in a nutshell:

  • Plug in your Smartphone and run Apple CarPlay or Google Android Auto to retrieve and display Apps from your Smartphone directly on the Parrot RNB6’s screen
  • Capture and automatically record audio and video of the road ahead with the in-vehicle HDR/Full HD Camera
  • Use the RNB6, powered by Android 5.0 in stand-alone mode:
    • Integrated navigation system
    • Driving assistance services
    • Advanced voice commands for telephony, Apps, radio and navigation (Voice activated destination entry)
  • Exceptional in Vehicle Network :
    • On Board Diagnostics (OBD2)
    • Vehicle Health Maintenance
    • Native settings monitoring such as steering wheel controls, TPMS support, Parking Sensors, air conditioner control and much more!

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