Our latest products (such as Rolling Spider or Flower Power) use the Bluetooth Low Energy Technology. This article will tell you more about this new technology, which provides considerably reduced power consumption and cost while maintaining a similar communication range.

Why did Parrot choose this technology?

Bluetooth low energy fits into the wider Bluetooth wireless ecosystem.

In many cases, it makes it possible to operate these devices for more than a year without recharging. The key benefits are as below:

• low power consumption (For the Rolling Spider, this features allows to keep the maximum of autonomy for the piloting part)

• small size

• connectivity to mobile phones

• low cost

• robust, efficient

• multi-vendor interoperability

• global availability, license free

Furthermore, it allows a smooth data transfer between devices. Thus, the use of Bluetooth Low Energy allows a more efficient and quick transfer of data between the product and the device, such as the transfer of the pictures.

For the user, configuring Bluetooth Smart on a smartphone is very simple. For example, it’s no longer necessary to do a specific peering like the classical Bluetooth. If you activate the Bluetooth on your smartphone and launch the application, it connects automatically to the product! How simple!

Flower Power

Flower Power aims at connecting a plant to a smartphone in order to measure more precisely the plant environment, send information to the device and analyze them to give indication that fits both the plant and the environment.

Since a plant evolves quite slowly, it is sufficient to measure its environment from time to time to take good care of it.

Flower Power measures 4 parameters every 15 minutes and transfers the data to the smartphone when it’s nearby.

The Bluetooth Smart allows those actions with low cost and low energy consumption so that Flower Power has 6 months autonomy with an AAA battery, while collecting precisely all data more than 15 000 times.

With today’s technology, a connected device that’s able to operate for 6 months without any kind of intervention is quite impressive.

As new smartphones are compatible with this new standard, the Bluetooth Smart is a logical choice for Flower Power.



Rolling Spider

Rolling Spider is an ultra-compact drone controlled by smartphone. It flies indoors and outdoors with surprising speed and stability. 

Connecting to the Rolling Spider is easier thanks to Bluetooth Low Energy. Plus, Wifi connection can remain active while playing with the drone, making it more convenient