FreeFlight Mini: 3 new stunts for your Minidrone Parrot Swing to pull-off !

Parrot Swing acrobatics

Parrot Swing has three new acrobatic maneuvers to give you a unique flight experience. Try one amazing stunt after another! When flying in plane mode, test out the Swing’s new acrobatics using either the app or the FlyPad controller! •

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Tickle: Visual programming for Rolling Spider MiniDrone on your iPad!


Learn how to program Rolling Spider and be familiar with programmation through Tickle App. A visual programming app with a lot of fun! For children under 14, it is recommended to use Tickle and Rolling Spider with an adult. First, go

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[TIPS] How to safely fly your Parrot drone in 8 simple steps


When you want to fly your drone you must make sure that you are doing it properly. Here are 8 simple safety tips from Verizon Wireless that we also recommend: Choose the right environment. First, try flying a drone in an open,

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