Eric, tell us about your background.

I have an Engineering degree specializing in Optics and a Phd in Physics. I have spent the last 20 years innovating electro-optical systems and more recently, I contributed towards the development of the stabilized camera for ANAFI.


What do you do at Parrot?

I am the Imaging Manager; I coordinate a team of expert engineers who specialize in image quality tuning, camera design and electronic and mechanical image stabilization. My objective is to ensure that Parrot provides its customers with the best photo and video quality possible.

Why did you decide to join Parrot?

I previously worked for Varioptic a company specializing in advanced optics, who were acquired by Parrot in 2012 and ever since, I have been working on the optics of Parrot drones. In 2016, I joined the R&D team to develop drone cameras. This opportunity has been exceptionally challenging and interesting for me, as we developed a high-performance camera for a consumer electronic product.

You manage the Imaging team and recently there’s been a huge focus on the imaging system for ANAFI. Tell us more about ANAFI’s camera and its imaging features.

We cannot speak about the camera without speaking about ANAFI in its entirety. ANAFI itself is a stabilized camera that weighs only 320g, capable of moving at a speed of 50km/h with a battery life of 25 minutes and a gimbal that moves from -90° and + 90° vertically.

We conducted an extremely advanced optoelectronic dimensioning test on ANAFI’s camera to make sure it has the best image quality, when it comes to brightness and resolution in an extremely small mass envelope.

ANAFI has advanced features such as 4K HDR, lossless zoom and the 110° wide-angle photos, letting you get as creative as you want. These features are ideal for novices as well as professional camera operators who wish to benefit from the remarkable flexibility of ANAFI.

eric 2

Photo taken by Eric

What were your first impressions of ANAFI?

At ANAFI’s press release, I remember letting a German journalist, familiar with drones, test the quadcopter in the internal court of our head office. After a few minutes of flying the drone, he said that ANAFI was the drone he’d been looking for. This was my first impression too, when I initially tested the ANAFI prototype in the South of France. I think one of the main reasons ANAFI is such a success is that all the engineers that worked on creating the drone, were actually producing a drone they’d like to have and use themselves.

eric 3

Photo taken by Eric

What are your favorite features?

I love taking pictures and making videos of landscape in various lighting. In FreeFlight 6, I use the Pro mode to adjust the imaging settings, such as the ISO and the shutter speed.