The summer holidays are almost over and it’s time to start the new academic year. And what better way to kick-start school than with fun learning!

Children today want to be taught in a convivial environment that’s conducive to learning, especially subjects that may be considered difficult or even daunting and quite rightly so. This is exactly why Parrot has taken the initiative of making learning fun, easy and accessible with the use of drones. Parrot Education collaborates with Tynker, MathWorks, Swift Playground, Blockly and various other educational organizations to help teachers create, share and adapt their projects for the curriculum.

“The integration of Parrot Minidrones within our STEM curriculum enables us to engage our students in hands-on problem solving experiences where they apply coding, engineering, and making skills in fun and creative ways.”  Michael A. Lincoln, Information Technology/Media Design Educator/Speaker.

close up of boy with tablet pc computer at home

Many of you may not be aware, but Parrot drones are an excellent way of motivating children to learn. Parrot has a variety of safe drones that make school subjects, notably science, technology, engineering, math and even coding more exciting. Drones also enable students to hone their STEM skills such as geometry, art and physics and offer a unique learning perspective and point of view.

“Parrot Minidrones have been instrumental throughout all of our drone stem summer camp programs. Our participants and instructors can easily fly and code the Minidrones as they attempt and accomplish valuable and exciting flight challenges. In the end the Parrot Minidrones are an excellent teaching tool and fully support our overall goal of STEM learning through the portal of drone technology.” – Robert Elwood, Founder & CEO, Drobots Company.


Parrot Mambo is an easy-to-fly and safe drone that teachers and students can use in a classroom environment. Using Tynker’s visual programming language, even beginners can easily get to grips with how to program a Parrot Mambo drone to fly in a specific direction. The whole point of using drones in schools, community colleges and universities is to promote creative learning, helping young pupils realize that even the sky isn’t the limit.

“Parrot drones have created amazing STEM opportunities in my classroom taking our coding and engineering to new heights!”– Brad Lowell, 5th grade science and STEM teacher, Fall Creek Intermediate School in Fishers, Indiana.

Which is why there’s a huge focus on students learning to program, play and interact with drones. And the earlier the better.

We also provide drone solutions for academic institutions, universities and researchers.