Thank you for using ANAFI and its dedicated app, FreeFlight 6. We strive to offer you the best user experience possible, which is why we take your comments and feedback into account, providing you with an optimized and efficient drone experience.

Following your requests, you can now adjust the minimum altitude for the Return to Home (Smart RTH) feature, you can choose a minimum altitude between 20 to 100 meters. By default, the minimum altitude is 30 meters. FreeFlight 6 can be used on a larger variety of Android smartphones, improving the quality of video streaming, especially on Huawei devices. You can now download media (photos and videos) from ANAFI onto all iOS and Android smartphones.


To make sure you have a smoother flight experience you’ll receive alerts in the app that provide more information on the status of your drone, giving you a better understanding of how ANAFI works. You are notified by message and vibration in the case of a forced landing, a problem in the platform, a weak GPS signal or a full SD card.

Discover the new features accessible via the update for a creative flight experience like never before.

New features to shoot breathtaking photos and aerial videos!


Burst photo mode

Burst allows you to take 10 pictures in 1 second, enabling you to quickly capture a moving scene. You can then select your favorite moment.




Bracketing photo mode

With the Bracketing mode, you can take multiple pictures of the same scene using different exposure values ​​(-3; -2; -1; 0; +1; +2; +3). You can test the different settings to get the desired result.

Bracketing settings

2.7K video resolution

ANAFI now shoots in 2.7K (2704×1520) {24, 25, 30fps}. This resolution is between Full HD and 4K, making it a great compromise for those of you who want to edit your videos with excellent quality in a smaller file format. Upload your video to share with your family and friends or on your social networks!

Hyperlapse videos: 240x

Speed ​​up your videos, up to 240x with the Hyperlapse video mode. Make an accelerated film of a sunset with an amazing result!


AE-Lock is an indispensable tool for all photographers. With the AE-Lock, the camera maintains the same exposure value throughout the scene, ideal if you want to make a panoramic videos and photos with ANAFI. All shots have a unified result in terms of brightness.


Semi-automatic mode

In Pro mode, you have free rein of the camera settings: shutter speed, ISO and white balance. You can leave specific settings automatic letting you focus on a particular aspect. If you decide, for example, to set the shutter speed, ANAFI will automatically adapt the ISO values. Familiarize yourself with the Pro mode and learn about the camera settings of your ANAFI drone.



Update values ​​in the Automatic mode

In the Automatic mode, you can view the shutter speed and ISO values ​​selected by ANAFI.

Adjust the image style

You can fine-tune your images by adjusting the contrast, saturation and sharpness before each picture or video, resulting in the most spectacular footage!

We hope this update will make your ANAFI flights even more intuitive and fun.


Discover the new features by updating your FreeFlight 6 app.

iOS: FreeFlight 6

Android: FreeFlight 6

Major update: ANAFI and FreeFlight 6



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26 thoughts on “Major update: ANAFI and FreeFlight 6

  1. Parrot, excellent move! Thanks for listening to the users. With these revisions to the app, I will now be purchasing a Anafi this week.

  2. Thx Parrot Team! Great Job! It feels like Christmas. You listened to your Customer and Fans. Looking forwards to the future enhancements. Best regards Paul

  3. Très bonnes nouvelles merci.
    Pensez vous améliorer le formatage de la carte mémoire pour permettre d’obtenir les vidéos en un seul fichier.
    Ainsi que de proposer à nouveau le choix du pays dans la configuration wifi.

  4. Very good news Thank you.
    Do you think of improving the formatting of the memory card to allow to obtain the video in a single file.
    As well as proposing again the choice of country in the WiFi configuration.
    Best regards

  5. Great update !
    Thank you for giving us the ability to ADJUST THE RTH HEIGHT!
    Yes thats correct its happened !!!!!!! Off to find a Church!
    Looking forward to experimenting with the new camera settings too.
    Regards Lee

  6. Thanks for the update and for the team listening to their customers.

    Unfortunately, we still need a window to see how hard we lightning our image / video

    Failed to get RAW from Bracketing photo and Burst photo mode.

    With the hope that the development team will still be responsive. 😉 Regards, Leif.

  7. We are so glad you have taken on feedback, its the only way to develop the Anafi to make it better. Hopefully we will get 2.7k at 60p /50p, im pushing it but so far im impressed with the upadates and some nice surprises keep up the good work.

  8. This little drone is awesome because

    A zero ‘no flyzones’ it is the only drone e I can use commercially in the UK where I have special permissions from the CAA. DONT CHANGE THIS!!!

    B The only drone of its weight and class to be able to look up

    C. Only 320grms…..brilliant

    D 20 mins good flight time….awesome

    E great resolution in good light.

    F quiet for work in noise sensitive environs

    You guys are fantastic to have achieved this.

    Any chance of a rectilinear ca solution for Adobe cs photoshop?

  9. I’ve had the Parrot bebop 1, and now own the bebop 2, and bebop 2 power. #1 Excellent customer service!!! Looking forward to purchasing the Anafi. The update is pushing me to purchase now!!! Parrot is the best!

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