Can you introduce yourself to our community please?

My name is Antoine Bizet, I’m 25, I’m from Versailles in France and for the last ten years, freeride mountain biking has been my biggest passion in life.

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You’ve been mountain biking for over 13 years, at what point did your passion become your job?

I was originally sponsored at 17. As soon as I completed my baccalaureate, I focused 100% of my time on MTB.

It’s a risky day job, as we saw with the accident you had at the Red Bull Rampage competition 2 years ago. You were back at the competition less than a year later in the best shape of your life, how did you manage it?

It took a lot of courage, technique, skill and style to succeed, but when you love doing something, you give it your all. Your motivation brings your strengths out into the open, because you want to surpass yourself! I believe that my patience and determination have helped me overcome the challenges I’ve faced.

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You’ve very popular on social media, especially YouTube and Instagram, where you share videos daily. What attracted you to social networks?

I’ve always loved sharing bits of my life! My presence online is mainly due to the incredible Marine Leleu, a young woman full of crazy energy who shares everything she does on her social networks. Her latest feat is to go from London to Paris, on foot (running), swim across the Channel and then cycle from Calais to Paris. She’s the one who gave me the social media bug.

YouTube is a funny story. In 2013 I started a series of lifestyle videos called “From Bizet With Love” with a bunch of friends, notably Jules Langeard! We had some great feedback on them. We didn’t just share MTB shots in the videos, but also our lifestyle, our vision of things and our personalities.

This year, my girlfriend and I travelled around New Zealand. We bought a good quality camera to take lots of photo of the trip! When I look back, it was one of the greatest MTB trips of my life (8 months of travelling including 6 month in New Zealand). And thanks to the photos and videos we have lots of memories. I’m going to start editing videos myself because Jules is often overwhelmed by my requests. Hahaha!

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You often use a drone to capture footage, what are the advantages compared to other cameras.

You can share fantastic vantage points and take beautiful photos, which is great when you’re freeriding. You can even fly over certain areas at an altitude of over 100 meters. Plus ANAFI is so tiny, the controller and the carry case easily fit into my backpack. I imagined that a drone would be a lot more bulky and restrictive, but that’s not at all the case. My drone is always with me when I freeriding.

What are the advantages of using ANAFI in comparison to other leisure drones?

ANAFI is affordable, it takes excellent quality images and it’s very small and robust (I know this from personal experience)!

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You often travel abroad for work, how do you balance your extraordinary professional life with your personal life?

It’s not easy, but when you get to travel to some pretty incredible places for work, you know you’re lucky! So I try to enjoy it and if I get fed up and want some downtime to see my family and friends, I just travel less! I don’t really get the chance to see my friends and family very often, but thanks to technology we’re always in touch. Because I travel so much, I meet hundreds of amazing people everywhere I go.

What are your plans for the remainder of 2018? Can we hope to see you again at the Red Bull Rampage competition?

I have many big things going on, they’re more long-term projects. You’ll find out what they are soon! All I can say is that my drone will follow me everywhere to film my adventures! And my goal is to win the Rampage competition, one day or another and why not even several times!

Antoine Bizet, French Champion of freeriding recently discovered ANAFI



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