ANAFI is Parrot’s latest innovative marvel; it’s a flying camera that films in 4K HDR on the go. It is the ideal drone for your holiday and here’s why. ANAFI and it’s controller unfold in less than 3 seconds and are ready to fly in less than 25 seconds. It has a 25-minute battery life, one of the best on the market and can resist extreme temperatures. It features a unique 180° tilt gimbal and up to 2.8X lossless zoom. Basically, it’s everything you need to immortalize your summer break, whether you’re at the beach, in the mountains or surrounded by lush greenery.


ANAFI on the go


The beginning of July marks the start of the summer holidays and we all want to capture amazing shots of our fun-filled moments. What better way to film your trek in the mountains or escapades on the beach than with the flying 4K HDR camera, a.k.a ANAFI. ANAFI is ultra-compact and ultra-light (it only weighs 320g!), which means you can carry it with you everywhere. It’s so light that you’ll even forget it’s in your backpack.


ANAFI 0.9.0

Stunning footage in 4K HDR


ANAFI captures stunning landscapes in detail to make sure you relive your most magical moments over and over again. It has an integrated camera that shoots 4K HDR videos with 100Mbps bitrate and sharp 21MP photos.

ANAFI contains cutting-edge A.I, which means that making impressive videos is a walk in the park. The 4 automatic CineShots; 360°, Reveal, Epic and Rise, record your surroundings without you touching the controller.


Automatic aerial selfies


If you decide to go hiking this summer, use the Follow Me GPS and Visual Tracking mode without piloting the drone, ANAFI follows and films you without you touching the controller.

Using SmartDronies ANAFI will film you automatically, keeping you in the heart of the action at all times.


Impress your family and friends!


Instantly share your photos and videos on your social networks from FreeFlight 6. Your followers will discover the best moments of your holidays, show the stunning places you visit. This will certainly give them want to go in their turn!

ANAFI 0.8.8

Film your holiday from a new perspective with ANAFI



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2 thoughts on “Film your holiday from a new perspective with ANAFI

  1. I like this drone -a lot- but I am still holding to get it because I can not find anywhere whether I can take panoramic pictures with it. I am a photograper not videographer apart from the odd video clip so the capacity of panoramic shots is a deal or a deal breaker for me. Please advise me.
    German Silva

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