FreeFlight 6 is the dedicated piloting application for the new Parrot drone, ANAFI. ANAFI is a flying camera that films in 4K HDR. Such a high-tech drone needed an application that was just as cutting-edge.

Parrot engineers who worked on the conception of FreeFlight 6 explained that the application was not conceived as a separate element, but actually as an extension of the drone. The idea was to create a harmonious and ergonomic interaction between the two, all the while providing a user-friendly experience.

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Take selfies from the sky using SmartDronies


With ANAFI’s integrated advanced A.I you can take selfies from the sky. FreeFlight 6 features Dolly Zoom, an exceptional vertigo effect never seen in a drone before.

Make videos on the go:

  • Dolly Zoom maintains your subject the same size, as the background zooms in-and-out, defying perspective.
  • Boomerang follows a trajectory of the same name, moving the drone from your front to your back, keeping you at the center.
  • Tornado* rotates the drone from bottom to top, keeping you at the center at all times.
  • Orbit* spirals the drone horizontally around you.
  • Parabola* flies the drone from your front to your back following a bow trajectory.

*Available only in the Follow Me piloting mode


Capture stunning scenery using CineShots


Capture beautiful backdrops using CineShots:

  • 360°: The drone spirals 360°, capturing the backdrops around you in one smooth motion.
  • Reveal: The drone moves forward with the camera facing downwards and then gently moves upwards to unveil the horizon.
  • Epic: The drone slowly moves away at a distance of 60 meters, shifting the landscape in perspective.
  • Rise: The drone rises with the camera facing downwards, progressively moving towards the horizon and finishing with a panoramic shot revealing your surroundings.

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Show your creative flair


FreeFlight 6 contains five video modes for extraordinary footage.

The Standard mode is an optimized video format, enabling you to choose from the different resolutions available.

The Slow-Motion mode creates an instant slow-motion result, perfect for sport or action based videos.

The Hyperlapse mode accelerates videos so you can immortalize a sunset, a sunrise or clouds passing by.

The Cinema mode records in 4K Cinema DCI resolution with 4096×2160 pixels and a 17:9 aspect ratio. Perfect for professionals in film and video production.

The High Frame Rate mode has a higher frame rate for post-production treatment. Ideal for photography specialists.


Take the ultimate photograph


Photo enthusiasts can use two spectacular photo modes. Single is ideal for simple, high quality individual photographs in JPEG or Adobe DNG/RAW. The timer lets you shoot a dronie without using the controller. It’s that simple!

ANAFI 0.8.6

Professional camera settings


Freeflight 6 and ANAFI combine advanced imaging features with an exceptional bird’s eye view.

Photography specialists can start with the automatic mode and move onto the pro mode, accessing expert settings such as shutter speed, white balance, exposure and the ISO range. You can also choose between different color profiles such as the P-LOG mode.

FreeFlight 6, the intuitive piloting application for ANAFI



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  1. The content of the SD card (movies, photos) can be downloaded via WiFi? I cannot do this operation…I have only 2 GB free on my Pixel… But even one photo cannot be downloaded… I miss something?

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