Martin Liné is the Project Manager of the iOS/Android mobile application, FreeFlight 6 at Parrot




What is your job at Parrot?

I am responsible for FreeFlight 6, the smartphone application used to pilot ANAFI. I also work on the ergonomics of drones.


What makes ANAFI unique?

One of the primary points that makes ANAFI unique is its ability to fly safely for 25 minutes, whilst filming in 4K UHD HDR. The vast flight features ANAFI offers allow even novice drone pilots to capture beautiful photos and videos. The well thought out ergonomics of FreeFlight 6 and Parrot Skycontroller 3, make ANAFI the easiest drone to use on the market.


What aspect did you specifically work on?

I redesigned FreeFlight. Rather than creating an application, we created an extension of Parrot Skycontroller 3, making it as intuitive as possible to use. I also participated in the development of all the flight features: Flight Plan, Follow Me, Cameraman, Magic Dronies, CineShots and RTH to name a few.


What makes ANAFI extremely safe and user-friendly?

ANAFI is ultra-light which makes it very stable. It’s reactive and safe; the motors cut out if there’s something blocking the propellers, making it one of the safest drones on the market.

It’s small and super quiet, these are elements that reassure people who are usually worried about seeing a drone near them.

The drone is easy to find in case of disconnection or low battery and ANAFI has the ability to return to its takeoff point automatically. Additionally, the GPS position of the drone can be viewed at any time on the map in FreeFlight 6. Lastly, the drone can emit a beep sound if you cannot see it in tall grass for example.


Martin 2


What inspired the safety features?

The ability to beep the drone on demand was inspired by the technology to find lost keys! The Return to Home feature would never have been possible without the Smart battery. The fact that you can gauge how much battery life you have left is a great advantage for pilots. They no longer have to calculate how much battery life is remaining and how long it would take the drone to come back.


What is the future of drones?

In the near future, drones will be used primarily for business purposes for example enabling fast deliveries without being dependent on ground traffic. There is also the advantage of contactless charging stations, or by solar energy. Heavy work such as the detection of electrical anomalies, rail, gas or oil circuits will also be managed by drone image recognition that continuously rotate and recharge on their own.

Leisure drones will be able to act via voice requests and blur out secure environments in live videos.



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