Edouard Rosset is the Propulsion Team Leader at Parrot



What is your job at Parrot?


I’m in charge of the propulsion team. My team and I focused on the battery life and the top speed of the drone. We worked on the propellers, the motors and the smart battery.


What makes ANAFI unique?


What makes ANAFI impressive is its 25-minute battery life. The drone can fly a fair distance at top speeds and yet it’s as light as a feather. It’s also one of the quietest drones on the market.

ANAFI is the only drone available capable of filming 180° vertically.


What makes ANAFI extremely safe and user-friendly?


When we talk of drone security, we often think of the propellers; ANAFI’s propellers have an auto cut-out mechanism. If a motor detects an object in the propeller, it automatically cuts out, greatly limiting damage.

In addition, we made sure that when the drone starts, the propellers rotate as slowly as possible. Therefore, if there is an obstacle touching the propellers, the damage will be minimal.

We worked on a smart algorithm that uses the features of the smart battery to predict how long it’ll take for the drone to return before the battery dies. It is very reassuring for a pilot to know that the drone will return automatically when the battery level is low.

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What inspired the safety features?


We always put ourselves in the shoes of users. With previous drones, pilots always had to be careful to make sure they had enough battery life for the drone to fly back. They had to take into account the distance and altitude of the drone and the speed and direction of the wind, so there was a lot of calculating, which quickly became tiring. With ANAFI’s Smart Return to Home feature, you can fly your drone without fear of losing it.


What is the future of drones?


Once you’ve seen ANAFI in action, you immediately want one. I showed the drone to my family and friends and they loved it. When I’ve used ANAFI for professional reasons (to take a look at a roof, chimney or gutters of a property) the results have been amazing.

I think it’s such a versatile product that it could be used for almost anything and we’ve only scratched the surface of its uses.

And of course it’s so small you can take it with you on holiday.


Behind the scenes of ANAFI – Part 2



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