Nicolas Texier is the Project Manager of ANAFI

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What is your job at Parrot?

I’m the Drone Project Manager and I’m responsible for the entirety of the project from R&D to manufacturing.


What makes ANAFI unique?


ANAFI is unique because it’s currently the best drone on the market. ANAFI is the only drone that features a 4K HDR camera capable of filming 180° vertically in extreme temperatures.


What aspect did you specifically work on?


I worked on all aspects of the drone. My role was to oversee the development of ANAFI and if needed I would make decisions on which route to take, when the R&D department put forward several ideas.

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What makes ANAFI extremely safe and user-friendly?


  • ANAFI is very light, so if on the off chance it should fall, the damage will be very limited.
  • The propeller motors stop automatically should they sense an obstacle. Parrot created this technology and embedded it in its drones. If a propeller stops moving, the motors automatically shut-off, avoiding any serious accidents.
  • The smart battery lasts 25 minutes, one of the longest on the market.
  • The high-tech software is the fruition of 8 years of hard work. (Make sure you update the software as soon as you take the drone out of the packaging.)
  • We flew ANAFI extensively before commercializing the drone.

We insist that customers use their drone in adherence with local drone regulations.

Parrot wants to be as transparent as possible regarding personal data. Even if we have access to personal flight data of each drone pilot, we would never envisage selling or giving this information to a 3rd party. The data is used to improve the user experience and ensure that the drone software is regularly updated.

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What inspired the safety features?

We wanted to:

  • Prevent the loss of drones
  • Increase the safety of everyone especially children
  • Incite people to fly safely and respect local regulations
  • Protect personal data


What is the future of drones?

In the future, we’ll all have our very own ANAFI!


Behind the scenes of ANAFI – Part 1



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5 thoughts on “Behind the scenes of ANAFI – Part 1

  1. hello, i’d like to send a question,
    can have FPV with Anafi drone ? (if yes how, 5g8? )
    Thanks a lot in advantage for your support

  2. Preordered Anafi release New Zealand 20th July.
    Unfortunately not in time for our family overseas holiday.

  3. We need to be able to have a adjustable RTH setting. Having it fixed at 20 meters is just not going to cut it for me. This is a small change in the App and can be done with a update.

  4. Follow me is what i’m most interested in. If you start follow me and walk up a hill will the anafi go above 150m from the launch point? I believe that 150m was the altitude limit of the old bebop 2?

  5. Does it have, or will it have the ability to use an offline map? I use a Galaxy 7 with no sims or a Mini Ipad4 to fly my current drone. I load the map prior to going to a place to fly.

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