One of ANAFI’s main strengths is its ease of use. The drone unfolds in less than 3 seconds, just like the controller. Unfolding the controller automatically turns it on and positions the antennas for optimal transmission. In addition, the drone and controller are paired automatically so you can take off in less than 20 seconds.

The materials used to create ANAFI make it the ideal companion for your everyday activities.


Cutting-Edge A.I


ANAFI’s outstanding A.I. and motion tracking system include new features such as Dolly Zoom, CineShots and SmartDronies.

Dolly Zoom is an exclusive new cinematic effect that uses zoom capabilities. This effect is a huge milestone for Parrot, as ANAFI is the only drone on the market able to do this automatically.

We were so proud of the Dolly Zoom effect that we created a dedicated piloting mode called SmartDronies that provide quick and easy access to both Dolly Zoom and Boomerang dronies.

CineShots include four different cinematic autoshots, Epic, Reveal, Rise and 360°. You can also access four different dronies, Boomerang, Tornado, Orbit and Parabola, from the Follow Me in-app.

Parrot_ANAFI_Lifestyle_Iceland_04 copie


Ergonomically Designed


Parrot Skycontroller 3 was designed to create an ergonomic interaction with the drone. We wanted to provide ease-of-use and an unprecedented flight experience. This is why we designed an intuitive controller with a reduced number of buttons.

ANAFI, its controller and FreeFlight 6 were all created as a unit and not as separate elements. The smartphone is strategically located so you can change the settings in a few taps.


FreeFlight 6


The application FreeFlight 6 was created keeping users in mind at all times. It provides easy access to all the new video and photo modes and the interface displays several distinct menus, guiding you throughout. You can start with the automatic settings and move onto the professional settings as you gain more confidence and experience.

Parrot_ANAFI_Lifestyle_Fly_02_PilotingSkycontroller3 copie

ANAFI is Easy to Use



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