Each element of ANAFI is equally important. Every aspect of ANAFI is very precise. Every piece of ANAFI is an engineering marvel.


25-Minute Flight Time


The propellers play a significant part in the propulsion of the drone. This is why we put in a lot of time and effort creating the perfect shape that lets you fly for as long as possible. It was essential that the propellers worked in harmony with the motors.

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Smart Battery


The smart battery features sensors designed to monitor its wear and tear to optimize the battery life. You can verify the battery level at any moment by checking the LED indicators. The battery also has the advantage of becoming a power bank if your smartphone is running low.

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Anytime, Anywhere


ANAFI is a drone that was created to be used by everyone in all weather conditions. It can adapt to extreme weather, so you really can take it with you everywhere.

Its agile frame resists winds of up to 31mph, and its powerful propulsion helps it reach impressive speeds of up to 33mph, without sacrificing on image quality or losing stability.

All the work we put into creating optimal propellers resulted in a very quiet drone. So we developed this further to produce one of the most discreet drones available.

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Strong Connection


We focused on providing a strong transmission system and amazing quality videos, no matter what position the drone is in.

In order to do this we equipped each drone leg with a dual band antenna, creating an omnidirectional system and resulting in unparalleled transmission performances, even when the network is saturated.

Piloting ANAFI is fun and safe. It has a strong and robust connection with the controller.

Flight Performances


ANAFI is also one of the rare drones of its size that can be flown both indoors and outdoors. The reason is the GPS and VPS double positioning system.

We wanted to make ANAFI smart, enabling you to capture stunning photos and videos automatically. Which is why it’s powered by cutting-edge A.I. and can follow you on the go using CineShots and SmartDronies, without you piloting the drone.

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ANAFI is Smart & Powerful



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