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ANAFI’s Ultra-Portable Design

There are many different reasons that make ANAFI unique. It is an extremely compact drone, easy to carry everywhere and unfolds in less than 3 seconds thanks to its patented unfolding mechanism.

When creating ANAFI the goal was to optimize space, which meant no waste and no gaps in the drone’s structure. We aimed to produce a compact drone that you can take on the go.

ANAFI offers a USB-C charging system, compatible with the latest power bank, smartphone and laptop chargers. You can charge your drone everywhere on the go!



Form Factor


ANAFI’s shape was inspired by nature and wildlife, notably insects. It features unprecedented low-angle shots that were also adopted from nature. ANAFI can look up and down just like any living creature.

ANAFI’s ultra-compact form is reflected in the controller and carry case. They are just as small, ergonomic and of course easy to transport. Parrot Skycontroller 3, the dedicated controller for ANAFI, is also foldable.

Parrot_ANAFI_Lifestyle_Handlings_01_Open copie



We used polyamide as a base material, reinforced by carbon fibers with low density. This makes the frame lighter and more robust.

The carbon fibers are charged with empty glass microbeads that are filled with air, resulting in an extremely light and resistant drone.

The propellers are made from polycarbonate because it is both rigid and aesthetic.


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