ANAFI is so much more than a drone. It’s a camera capable of taking unique photos and videos that just aren’t possible with any other drone in the same category. ANAFI contains innovative photography software and hardware, providing the best image quality for a drone of its size.


4K HDR videos


The integrated camera uses a latest-generation sensor for spectacular 4K HDR videos and 21MP photos.

ANAFI is the only drone that can shoot HDR videos in 4K. HDR enhances all visible details, even excessively bright lights and very dark shadows. It’s ideal for filming a sunset for example or a bright blue sky with exposed and contrasting backdrops.


ANAFI 0.9.0

3-axis image stabilization with 180° tilt gimbal


The camera tilts from -90° to +90° vertically and takes shots from all angles. This feature has never been seen in a drone before. It allows you to explore new vantage points and broaden your horizon of creativity in excellent quality.

ANAFI features a 3-axis image stabilization system to ensure ultra-smooth videos and steady photos while reducing vibrations and the rolling shutter effect.


Parrot Brand Studio -

1/2.4’’ 21MP camera


ANAFI embeds a 1/2.4’’ 21MP camera with a low dispersion wide-angle aspherical lens for high quality shots. The optic was specifically designed to reduce distortion on the edge of photos. The aspherical lens has a complex surface profile that reduces or eliminates spherical aberrations and other optical distortions. The camera features a thermal element, which resists extreme temperatures from -10°C to +40°C, guaranteeing sharp pictures and videos in all environments.

ANAFI can shoot in Adobe DNG /RAW and P-LOG for post-production work and color grading.



Lossless digital zoom


ANAFI features up to 2.8X lossless digital zoom, so you can get closer to the action by using the zoom without sacrificing the quality.

To achieve the lossless zoom, we used oversampling. Oversampling captures more pixels than necessary, and then crops the image to create a “zoom-in” effect, while retaining the same pixel size. ANAFI is able to do this thanks to its 21MP sensor (5344×4016), which offers a resolution 1.4x higher than 4K (3840×2160) and 2.8x higher than 1080p (1920×1080).

The zoom led to the creation of a brand new SmartDronie called Dolly Zoom. This effect inspired by the Alfred Hitchcock movie ‘Vertigo’ is exclusively available in ANAFI and makes each video unique.


Get creative


ANAFI is about letting your creativity run wild. FreeFlight 6 contains several different photo and video modes, as well as professional imaging settings.

With FreeFlight 6, you can access the different settings in no time. The buttons are strategically located at the bottom of the screen, enabling you to switch between your smartphone and the controller’s joysticks with ease.

Parrot_ANAFI_Lifestyle_Fly_02_PilotingSkycontroller3 copie

ANAFI’s Breathtaking Imaging System



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  1. RE: Anafi and FreeFlight 6
    Does the software in FreeFlight 6 that comes with the Anafi support autonomous flight path planning for mapping; e.g., pre-program: altitude, flight path, percentage of forward and side overlap, etc., etc., similar as Pix4Dcapture ( allows?

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