Robin is passionate about all things drone related. We feel his story is unique and should be shared with everyone.  

March 2015:


Robin’s dad, a fan of aeronautics, gives him his very first drone, Parrot Bebop. Robin is instantly bitten by the drone bug and he’s never looked back since. He used the drone to shoot videos of the Var.


June 2015:


Parrot’s Marketing team notices the top quality videos that Robin posts on his YouTube channel. They decide to contact him to find out more about his aerial shots. Robin tells them that he solely uses his smartphone to pilot his Parrot drone. Parrot wants him to explore his piloting talent further so they give him a Parrot Skycontroller.


October 2015:


Robin goes on a tour of Corsica with his dad. He decides to mark the occasion by creating his very first short film on the French island. The video was enjoyed by everyone who watched it and was called awe inspiring. Thus, Robin’s talent for film making is revealed.  

Robin becomes a part of Parrot Bebop’s Ambassador Program: 80 pilots scattered around the world.


July 2016:


Robin participates in the Beta testing program and the official video for Parrot Bebop 2. The video was shot in South Africa, where he was accompanied by a Parrot production team. Here is the final result:


May 2017:


Robin is amongst the first to get his hands on a Parrot Disco drone. He experiences an immersive flight thanks to Parrot Cockpitglasses (FPV goggles). He quickly goes on to share his love for drones with his partner.

In the meantime, Robin trains to become a professional drone pilot, allowing him to do what he loves best all day long. This led him to join a production company that specializes in piloting drones for the big screen.  


March 2018:


Robin is hired by Air Support, as a Drone Pilot, where he is able to use his vast piloting skills and expertise in drones.


Ambassador: Robin Blanchard



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