Drone solutions are now a part of all industries and agriculture is no exception. From vineyards to grain crops, the health of your land is of utmost importance. Tracking it requires time and optimal tools that provide precise results.

Parrot Disco-Pro AG is the new solution that gives you unprecedented and precise insights on your crops. Equipped with the multispectral sensor Parrot Sequoia, Parrot Disco-Pro AG is able to analyze a plant’s vitality, as well as observing the way it absorbs and reflects solar light, invisible to the human eye. Using the photos captured during the drone flight, you can determine which plots need more fertilizer and treatment.



The aerodynamic design and auto-piloting application of Parrot Disco-Pro AG makes it safe and easy to pilot. The drone solutions let you obtain data on up to 370 acres of land per week thanks to the cloud mapping platform AIRINOV First +.

Small agricultural cooperatives will find a loyal ally in Parrot Bluegrass, the multipurpose drone, specializing in precision agriculture. Automatic flights can be planned via the Pix4Dcapture app, which aggregates image data to create accurate NDVI maps of areas that need more fertilizer for instance.

Modern agriculture is on the edge of a new era and our drone solutions are part of this innovative movement.

Here are three popular misconceptions about agricultural drones we are happy to debunk:

      1. Data usage is complicated

The photos captured by Parrot Bluegrass can be shared via Pix4Dcapture or AIRINOV FIRST + cloud platform, generating very intuitive maps you can use on your smart device or desktop.

      2. This process doesn’t match ROI-oriented objectives

The precise monitoring tools provided by Parrot Bluegrass and Parrot Disco-Pro AG help you accurately spot crops that need attention, reducing your fertilizer expenses by up to 20%. This process can also increase your yield by up to 10%. Moreover, crop inspection is a time consuming task that is optimized by drone solutions.

      3. Flying a drone requires time and experience

There is no need to be a seasoned pilot to fly our cutting-edge drones. Actually, flight plans can be automatically planned using the Pix4Dcapture app.

Learn more about our agricultural oriented drone solutions on our website.


Agriculture optimized using cutting-edge drone solutions



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