Architects, real estate agents and building professionals can now use Parrot’s innovative drone solutions from concept to construction. The all-in-one drone solutions facilitate everyday tasks and provide measurements of even hard to reach areas, without you ever having to leave the ground.


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Are you creating plans of a home extension project? Do you need to take measurements of a roof? Or maybe you want to create a 3D model of what the extension will look like to show your client? In that case, Parrot Bebop-Pro 3D Modeling is the solution for you. The drone takes aerial images and the software solution Pix4Dmodel, uses the cloud to convert the drone images in to a 3D model, providing you with a unique vantage point of a building or property.

The Parrot professional range is an asset for all A/E/C specialists. Foremen can track the progress of their construction sites and can even use the Parrot drone regularly, to create up-to-date 3D models to share with their partners and clients. Roofers can take measurements of roofs, creating quotes quickly and efficiently. They can even present a 3D model of the work to be carried out to their clients.

Thanks to Parrot’s drone solutions, the restoration of a monument can now be done with ease. Using detailed images and a 3D model, specialists are able to engage in an up-to-date assessment of its current condition, returning the monument to its former glory.

There are many advantages of using a drone, for example, drones have the capacity to reach areas that cannot necessarily be accessed by people. They also limit the usage of tools such as ladders, keeping you and your team safe from everyday accidents.


Here are three facts of why you should use a drone:

  1. No need to be a seasoned pilot

Using a smart device and the Pix4Dcapture app, you can plan automatic flights around a building site or a property.

  1. Creating a 3D model is simple

The footage captured by the drone is sent to the cloud to create a 3D model. Connect your computer or smart device to the internet to get an overview of your project.

  1. Precise results at a tap

The final 3D model helps the decision-making process. You can take measurements, add annotations and comments and share the 3D model with the different people involved in the project.

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How a drone solution can improve your business



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  1. A drone solution not only can improve the business, but it can also help to bring information about new business around the world. In disaster relief, construction and real estate information, the drone can solve these in any way.

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