Teaching professionals want to teach students in a convivial environment that is conducive to learning, especially subjects that are considered difficult or even daunting. This is why Parrot partnered up with Workbench, to make learning fun, easy, accessible and above all, shareable.

Workbench Education is an online platform to create, discover, and share standards-aligned projects and curriculum developed by teachers. The Workbench mission is to make teaching with projects easy and scalable in schools, districts, and libraries across the globe. The Workbench solution reduces the burden on teachers who want to teach with projects by providing a straightforward framework for authoring projects, so teachers become contributors to the growing collection of easily accessible content that Workbench provides. Additionally, teachers can use their district Workbench to assign lessons and track student progress. Workbench projects are designed to turn students into makers and help educators teach with anything.

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You can search for projects that match your lesson criteria, from learning standards to supplies, and everything in between. And when you find a suitable Workbench project, you can adapt every detail of the project to fit the needs of your students and classes. The projects can be assigned to students, who can then complete the assignments on Workbench’s secure website, where you can easily monitor their progress. On the Workbench platform, you can collaborate with schools across the world, comparing ideas, solutions and outcomes.

Because security matters, Workbench integrates with Clever, for single-sign-on and rostering sync, allowing users to sign on easily without needing to remember an additional username and password while automatically updating student, class and teacher information from the school’s chosen SIS.

Not many people are aware, but Parrot drones, notably Parrot Mambo, are excellent tools to help students learn. Parrot Mambo drones have an open software development kit (SDK). Via SDK students access the drone’s settings, personalizing and adapting the drone’s behavior to take full control of it.

Using SDK, students learn how to code and manipulate a drone’s performance. Once they have mastered the basics, students can even go on to controlling an entire swarm of drones at the same time. Parrot Mambo drones are very easy and safe to fly in a classroom environment, which is one of the reasons they have become the renowned drone support in schools across the U.S.


Parrot Mambo makes subjects notably science, technology, engineering, math and even coding, more fun. They enable students to hone their STEM skills such as geometry, art and physics and offer a unique learning perspective.

You can now connect and program all of Parrot’s educational drones directly from Workbench’s website. The integration of Parrot into Workbench provides you with projects and a Blockly programming canvas all in one convenient website, saving time and providing pedagogical support.

The use of drones in schools, community colleges and universities promotes creative and critical thinking, helping young learners realize that even the sky is not the limit.


Parrot partners with Workbench Education: Fun learning is easy learning



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