The leading developer of mathematical computing software MathWorks has partnered up with Parrot to propose an innovative educational solution. A joint solution combining Simulink (created by MathWorks) with Parrot Mambo enables students to develop and personalize advanced solutions through programing, such as designing and creating flight control algorithms their drones. Students can also design, simulate and deploy algorithms to fly Parrot Mambo.

This new educational tool stretches the imagination of students allowing them to add existing templates and algorithms to enhance predefined flight controllers. Alternatively they can start from scratch and develop their very own new flight control algorithms.

Now you have the chance to become a real expert in programming!

More about MathWorks and Simulink

Simulink is an essential tool for research and development in many industries including the automotive, aerospace, communications, electronics and industrial automation industries. Over 5000 higher education centers around the globe use Simulink for teaching and research in a wide variety of technical subjects.


Introduction to Simulink Hardware Support for PARROT Minidrones


MathWorks & Parrot



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