Create and share videos instantly with the new in-app, Flight Director


Creating videos is now a walk in the park thanks to FreeFlight Pro’s new in-app, Flight Director. Using this innovative feature, you can personalize your Parrot drone videos and photos in the blink of an eye and post them instantly on your social media. Share your skiing excursion in the mountain or the stunning beach you visited immediately! Don’t wait until you’re home to edit to the video, do it on the spot! With Flight Director, there’s no need to download the videos on to your computer, find them directly in your FreeFlight Pro gallery. Show the world your top-quality films and become the envy of all your friends!

Amazing videos of your best moments in the blink of an eye!

The Best of feature enables you to produce a compilation of the ultimate shots taken by your drone in a 15 second film, backed by the music of your choice. Immortalize your favorite memories by producing a video of your best moments. Relive your most unforgettable outings and share them with your family and friends. Just make sure you always have your Parrot Bebop drone close to hand.


Add your creative flair with the premium version, Flight Director

Try out the premium version of Flight Director FREE for 15 days and check out all the new and exciting features. The premium version of Flight Director not only lets you select your favorite moments, but it also lets you extend your video duration up to 3 minutes. What about music? Can’t find a track that’s perfect for your video? Why not choose one that’s already in the application! Or maybe you have the ideal song in mind, then just upload it, to enhance your film that much more. Edit your videos and define the style you’d like to attribute, you have a choice of three; Chronological story, Fast trailer and Cinematic scenes. Opt for an overlay detailing your flight information; location, GPS map of the drone and telemetry. Go for an overlay that is the most adapted to your video – there are seven available.

Show off to your friends

Make films of your escapades and share them on your social networks. No complex software, no expert technical skills, all you need is your Parrot Bebop drone!

5.2 Update

With the updated 5.2 version of FreeFlight Pro you now have the camera timer that lets you take automatic photos with a time-delay feature. Press down on the camera icon for 3 seconds and you have a timer that start, run so you can get in the photo too!

FreeFlight Pro’s new in-app, Flight Director



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