At the beginning of January 2018, Pix4D announced an update of Pix4capture. The new features simplify the user experience, you no longer need FreeFlight Pro to update, calibrate and configure your Parrot drone. You can do it directly in the application, Pix4Dcapture.

Pix4D is a software leader of professional drone mapping and photogrammetry software. They offer professional solutions for topography, geomatics, public safety, construction, agriculture, real estate and higher education.

This software accompanies Parrot Professional users who want to increase their productivity. Parrot has developed various drone solutions for professionals in A/E/C, agriculture etc.

Make sure you have downloaded the latest drone updates.


Calibrate your drone easily using Pix4Dcapture.

You can now update your application, Pix4Dcapture, available on android and iOS.

Plan your flight easily using the new features of Pix4Dcapture



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