FreeFlight Pro 5 is the latest version of our piloting app for Bebop. It has an improved piloting interface to control your drone and allows you to choose between Sport and Movie flight mode. You can now enjoy new features of FreeFlight Pro 5 such as Hand Launch, Touch&Fly, Point Of Interest, Magic Dronies, Auto Shots and Cameraman!

-Let’s discover what you can now do with FreeFlight Pro 5-



It is now possible to launch your drone with a simple hand gesture from anywhere!




Flight modes

Your drone adapts to any of your uses. Choose Video mode for breathtaking video capture or Sport mode to greatly increase your drone’s performance.


mode de vols


Camera widget

Switch from photo mode to video mode in a snap with the new camera widget

camera widget



Telemetry information bar active

The telemetry information bar is now active. Click on it to directly get to the associated parameters


camera widget


Auto Shots

Auto Shots lets you automatically take professional-quality videos in free flight by automating the most complicated camera movements. Check out Reveal, Epic, 360 and Rise!

auto shots




Cameraman is your framing assistant. It holds the subject to be filmed within the frame. All you need to do is choose your target and framing and navigate your drone- the camera will do the rest. Follow Me – GPS & Visual Tracking is accessible from the Cameraman interface.




Subject framing

For more dynamic video framing, you can now decenter the subject in cameraman and Follow ME-GPS& Visual Tracking modes. Once the subject has been selected, merely perform a long press on the screen, then choose its location from within the image.




Magic Dronies

Magic Dronies lets you take a great aerial selfies automatically while you navigate in Follow Me- GPS & Visual Tracking mode. you can also use Magic dronies on a Point of Interest (POI).


magic dronies



The radar lets you follow the progession of your drone or fond out at any moment if you are correctly oriented in its direction. It also lets you rapidly access map view.





With Touch&Fly, piloting a drone couldn’t be easier! Choose a destination to be tracked on the map and your drone will travel while maintaining its altitude.




Point Of Interest (POI)

Touch and hold the map to create a Point of Interest (POI). Framing will then be done automatically while you navigate your drone.

point d'interet


Shortcut to Flight Plan

Flight Plan is now integrated in the piloting interface and lets you rapidly access your flight plans.


flight plan



Follow your drone on the map with geo-fence display!



Find My Drone 

Easily locate your drone using real-time geolocation data

find my

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FreeFlight Pro 5: What’s New?



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