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Visitors will be able to experience Parrot Drone’s cutting edge technology first-hand and will even be among some of the world’s first to try Parrot Mambo FPV minidrone and its enhanced immersion flights.

Acting as an official sponsor Parrot is pleased to be part of such a vibrant and renowned fair that keeps its finger on the pulse, promoting the latest technological advancements and high tech products. The Worlds Fair Nano New York event will be held at the Brooklyn Expo Center and Greenpoint Terminal Warehouse on Saturday 16th and Sunday 17th September, 2017.

Parrot and Worlds Fair Nano will be offering more than 30 simultaneous drone flights to accommodate the expected crowd of over 10,000 people over the course of weekend. This may be the largest drone activation ever seen at a fair. Visitors will have the rare opportunity to pilot the ultra-lightweight and fun minidrone Parrot Mambo FPV.

“Drones are an exciting future. From the entertainment of drone racing to the necessity of delivering medical supplies to towns without adequate roads, the uses are endless. Parrot is an innovative leader in the space and we’re excited to give many fairgoers their first drone flying experience with a Parrot drone!” says Michael Weiss, CEO of Worlds Fair USA.

In addition to drones, visitors of Worlds Fair Nano will be able to see a flying car prototype, virtual reality demos, chewable coffee, the world’s most socially advanced artificially intelligent robot and many more upcoming innovations.

During the speaker series, located in the Greenpoint Terminal Warehouse, fairgoers will be able to find out more about the future of artificial intelligence, vertical farming, capitalism, art, psychedelic science, and so much more from 40+ pioneers who are making it all happen.



Get ready for the unveiling of Parrot Mambo FPV at Worlds Fair Nano!



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