Went on a vacation with your Parrot drone ?
Bring us back some beautiful pictures to taunt our co-workers and win a $30 discount on our website!


Photo travel challenge

We are looking for 5 specific aerial views and 5 original shots as listed below:

  • 1 sunny photo of a field
  • 1 photo of you on a summit
  • 1 photo of a three-masted sailing ship
  • 1 photo of a creek on a beach
  • 1 photo with your close ones at the mountain
  • 5 original vacation photos of you and/or friends (without restrictions)


The 5 best selected photos as well as the 5 best original photos will be awarded a $30 voucher on our website!

→ Post your photos on our social networks (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram) with #WeAreParrot and #PhotoTravelChallenge and we’ll compile them into a Summer of 17’ album after closing the submissions at 5:00PM on September 07, 2017 !

→ The full contest rules: http://bit.ly/2wto2J3

Join our latest contest: the Photo Travel Challenge!



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