[vc_row][vc_column width=”1/1″][vc_column_text]Children planting Trees for WeForest and ParrotWith WeForest, an NGO specializing in reforestation matters, Parrot commit to planting a tree for every Parrot Pot purchased.

The operation “1 pot, 1 tree” has been launched in the region of Tigray, northern Ethiopia in Africa, on December, 1st, 2016. In this arid zone, it’s essential to  take the greatest care of the plants in order to ensure the sustainability of forests. For WeForest and Parrot, it is an opportunity to establish a close relationship with local populations, involving them in the project, improving the living conditions in the region through the development of biodiversity, and contribute to a real climate change. Trees are the best technology to suck carbon dioxide from the atmosphere and reverse global warming.

You can get involved with us today!

For each Parrot Pot purchased, Parrot and WeForest will plant a tree in Ethiopia.

The project supported by the operation “1 Parrot Pot = 1 Tree” is located in the region of Tigray, in northern Ethiopia.
The objectives are to restore a forest on a non-productive land protected from agricultural practices and grazing, to fight against the harmful effects of climate change and to get the local population involved long-term.

Of the 17 species of trees adapted to Tigray, the Olea europaea, the Acacia abyssinica and the Juniperus procera were recommended by the local population.

Discussions with the local populations are crucial because they ensure their long-term involvement and their commitment to the project with the management of the nurseries, forestry activities or the construction of water conservation structures in the plantation area.

We are closely following the evolution of the project and will keep you informed on the development of these Tigray lands.

“The WeForest project interests us because it takes part in the protection of vulnerable regions against the impact of climate warming, but also because it ensures the durability of the project by a collective awakening of the need for preserving our forests,”

explains Henri Seydoux, founder and CEO of Parrot.

“At Parrot, the questions related to the environment and ecology have interested us for several years. For individuals, the development of smart objects like Parrot Pot make it possible to meet the needs of plants. For professionals, thanks to drones equipped with infrared sensors and with solutions for data analysis, it is possible, for farmers to have a better understanding of their field, a better comprehension of the state of their crops and thus better capability to control their pesticide use and therefore, ecological impact.”

Parrot Pot is a smart pot that automatically waters your plants when necessary, regulates its water consumption when you are away and advises you on the maintenance of your plant.

Parrot Pot is a tech-savvy product that will enable your plant to communicate with you, and for you to understand it; it is the peace of mind to keep the plants you love in good health, even the most fragile ones, when you are away.
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WeForest develops and implements large-scale reforestation projects as a scalable solution for climate change, biodiversity and poverty alleviation. New trees and forests help to limit global warming to 2 °C temperature increase. WeForest, Making Earth Cooler, is an international NGO, based in Belgium, and a registered Charity in the USA.
For more information: www.weforest.org