Parrot Swing has three new acrobatic maneuvers to give you a unique flight experience.

Try one amazing stunt after another!

Parrot Swing acrobatics

When flying in plane mode, test out the Swing’s new acrobatics using either the app or the FlyPad controller!



• Looping

Make a vertical loop for a stunning effect!
Perform the stunt outside with lots of space as it requires at least 12 feet in height and length.



• Half loop

Ideal for smaller spaces, the quick reverse looping maneuver allows you to avoid obstacles in narrow places.



• Barrel roll

Fly your drone upside down with the barrel roll feature and add style to your high-speed flight!



Note: there is a one-second delay between performing two stunts in a row: this concerns the barrel roll and the looping.




Update your Minidrone via USB

Note : Before connecting the Parrot Swing to your computer, make sure that his battery is charged.

1. With a micro USB cable, connect the Parrot Swing to your computer.

2. Turn on your Parrot Swing. The computer will automatically detect the Minidrone.

3. Go to the Parrot Support page and download the update file in .plf format.

4. Copy the .plf file into the Parrot_Swing folder as if it were an USB key. The file must be placed at the root of Parrot_Swing. Do not rename or place the file in a folder. The indicator lights blink during the file’s transfer. The right indicator light will remain orange whence the transfer is complete (drone will reboot itself).

5. Disconnect the Parrot Swing from your computer. The Parrot Swing then updates itself. The indicator lights will now blink at an increased rate.

6. Wait for the indicator lights to turn green. This signals that the update installation is now complete. To check out the update, connect your smartphone to the Parrot Swing and open the FreeFlight Mini app. Then click on Swing_xxxxxx. The version number is indicated in Software Version.

Updating your Parrot Flypad controller is not required as the update only affects the MiniDrone.