Capture your best moments from above with high precision



Follow Me – GPS and visual tracking is a new feature available for purchase in the FreeFlight Pro app that enables your drone to follow you wherever you go.

With follow me tracking modes, capture some of your best moments using state-of-the-art visual recognition and your smartphone’s GPS tracking technology. This technology allows your drone to adjust its position in real time so that you are always in the shot.

Discover 3 features of the all-new tracking technology:

  • Precise framing via visual recognition
  • GPS enabled horizontal positioning
  • Altimeter vertical tracking*




(*) This mode is automatically activated on smartphones with a barometer function.
See the full list of compatible devices 


Want to make the most of Follow Me – GPS and visual tracking? Nothing could be easier!

Choose the best mode for you!


mode-auto-framing-modif2Auto-framing mode uses an advanced visual recognition algorithm to keep the subject at the centre of the frame while flying.

The real-time framing assistant lets you easily take professional aerial shots.


Auto-follow mode uses a brand new tracking technology that uses your smartphone’s GPS positioning and visual recognition, ensuring your drone captures you with high precision wherever you go.




Always be at the heart of the action 

Easily control your drone using the intuitive interface.



Perfect Side mode: lets your drone follow and frame you from the same viewpoint — front, profile, or any other angle. Make sure you are always seen from your best side!





Climb mode*: analyzes barometer data from your smartphone and allows your drone to follow you at higher elevation, even during a climbing session.


(*) This mode is automatically activated on smartphones with a barometer function.
See the full list of compatible devices 

Remember to place your drone at least 16 feet away from you to optimize both tracking and safety.

Simply select, and go!

Select yourself on the screen and click “Go” once you are ready. The camera will recognize you as the target, and automatically keep you in the center of the frame. You can change the desired target at any time.


Try out Magic Dronies!



Magic Dronies are aerial selfies of an entirely new kind. They make cinematic aerial shots easy!

Want to take amazing dronies? With Magic dronies, you can easily take outstanding shots and share them instantly on social media.


There are 4 types of Magic dronies:

  • Orbit: turns 360° around the target.
  • Boomerang: flies front/back opposite the target.
  • Parabola: performs a half-turn above the target.
  • Zenith: rises and falls vertically above the target.

Let your drone capture your best moments from above

Use the revolutionary follow me function to film your favorite outdoor activities. Just focus on what you are doing, and the drone will automatically adapt to take shots with incredible precision.



Whether you’re canoeing, biking, skating or going for a run, now you can capture the best moments of your performance. Your drone will always keep up. You can even try it out on a motorbike or in a car (at a moderate speed) for stunning shots.

No need for a professional driver or camera operator — the intelligence is embedded into the drone’s app and firmware. Ready to go?

Automatic return 


With just one click, your drone comes right back and lands at your feet.

Dynamic Return home uses your smartphone’s GPS to locate your position and land nearby. You can stray from your starting position without worrying about leaving your drone behind or losing it. With this new function, have fun and enjoy peace of mind — you can count on your drone to always be one step behind.

Now it’s your turn!

Try out follow me free for 15 days

Available now on iOS and Android for 19.99USD 

Exclusively compatible with Bebop 2 and Skycontroller 2 (no compatibility with tablets and Skycontroller 1)

Take advantage of the follow me offer by updating your FreeFlight Pro app and firmware:

> Update FreeFlight Pro app on Itunes

> Update FreeFlight Pro app on Google Play

> Update Bebop 2 Firmware


With follow me, now your drone can follow you on all your adventures!



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28 thoughts on “With follow me, now your drone can follow you on all your adventures!

  1. Hi! Link doesn’t work… Link work but there isn’t any update for the follow me function… Bonjour, le lien ne fonctionne pas… Le lien fonctionne mais il n’y a pas de mise à jour pour la fonction follow me…

      1. I have found GPS on Bebop 1 to work well with Flight Plan with great acuracy so I dont see this being a valid reason. Though I am sure Parrot will use it to justify.

    1. They have our money and now to get additional facilities they probably think we will spend more on upgrading to Bebop 2.
      I will now think twice before dealing with Parrot again. If you wish to purchase items they are quick to respond, but support seems very hard to come by

    1. I agree with your comments John. Perhaps if enough of us complain they may address the issue. We already suffer with reduced battery times. Hopefully they read these posts

      1. I bought the Bebop 1 because, even before it’s launch, it was being marketed as though it would have the ‘Follow Me’ ability. After purchasing it I found that ‘Follow Me’ was yet to be implemented and I have been waiting all this time since for it to be so and meantime, seeing the launch of the Bebop 2 as well, that, had I been pre-informed correctly about the evolution of the Bebop, I could have waited for and bought instead. It feels like a kick in teeth from Parrot, that it now transpires that it will only be functional on the Bebop 2, so what a waste of money on my part. I also bought Flower Powers to monitor the health of my Bonsais, only to find that there was no profile for a Bonsai and despite numerous requests for a care profile, I have been ignored by Parrot. So I have no confidence in Parrot listening to us and enabling it on the Bebop 1! I do think that there is a case for the mis-marketing and mis-selling of the Bebop 1 by Parrot though. What do you think?

        1. Agree entirely, After sales support seems poor with this company, Its not as though a part exchange to upgrade is an option with this equipment. Hopefully Parrot read these posts and take notice

          1. I agree. This is basically a software issue so why not let all Bepop users enjoy it? Many of us have supported the growth of Parrot by early investment into the brand and are now penalised by not being given access to the developments of that brand. Very poor service from Parrot

  2. It seems Parrot has little regard for those of us that paid a lot of money for the first version of Bebop. If flightplan works well on it. (which it does) why are we being overlooked on this one. Seems like we need to spend a lot more if we want this feature. It will teach me to wait for updates before buying Parrot items again.
    (Or look elswhere).

  3. Where can i find the follow me function? I have updated bb2 to v4 and have the newest version of freeflight pro v4.1.14. Ipad air2. No sign of the new functions.

    1. This weekend I have tested the new software. Freeflight 4.1.14 and firmware 4.0.0 in my BB2. First with only my Ipad air 2. No bugs found so far but still no sign of “follow me” even not a message where to buy (it is in-app purchase like the flight plan). After that I put the Ipad in my SC1. It was shocking. Camera is only facing down. I can put it up but it is going crazy. Flying is no problem except for the landing where it starts to spin when coming down, but the SC1 has become useless. In the compatibility of hardware in the itunes store, only the SC2 is mentioned. Is the new freeflight software not compatible anymore with SC1? Do I need to downgrade the software? Do I also need to downgrade the firmware? Parrot please help!

  4. Why follow me function can not support Android Phone? I’m using Samsung S7 and support Barometer senor. Would u develope apps to support? tks

  5. I was going to buy one, but after I saw that they charge for the app, and that the app does not work or the “Follow Me” does not work, no way. Appreciate everyone taling the time to inform others about this situation, thank you all.

  6. What if the battery goes dead? Will it return before it does? I know if I’m doing whatever I’ll lose track of time and battery use.

  7. Spends $1000+ on drone. Has to pay $20 to unlock software functions. Real smart move Parrot. Thankfully there are lots of 3rd party apps which are much cheaper and have the same (if not more) functionality.

  8. Charging the app is pretty lame. This should be standard and included. I will have to pass on buying the Bebob 2 given this fact and the awful reviews of the software in general.

  9. To be fair, this software came out a full year after the Bebop 2 was released. It is very clearly an upgrade, not something that existed at the beginning.

  10. Bonjour, je voudrais savoir comment activer le code promo de “Follow Me” fournit avec le Bebop 2. Les indications qui sont fournis ne correspondent pas avec l’application..

  11. Same here. It’s a bit of a stretch to suggest the hardware in the 2 is necessary to support Follow Me. Longer battery lives and slight larger rotors shouldn’t have much to do with Follow Me. I, too, was an earlier purchaser of the original Bebop (having bought 2 AR.Drones along the way) hoping for Follow Me to be enabled. Like others have noted in other fora, absent some quick and convincing corporate turnaround, this will be my last Parrot. DJI here I come.

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