Creating, playing and working have never had such a common denominator!

    Drones are in revolution, including in academic milieux; the technology involved in flying a drone fascinates and incorporates a very useful teaching aspect to illustrate theoretical lessons or practical work.

    As a primary investor in this cause, on 27 June 2016 Parrot launched an educational programme based on drones.  The aim is to promote research from the air as well as STEM learning: Sciences, Technologies, Engineering and Mathematics.

The goal of its programme is to support students’ learning journeys with drone and connected object technology by giving them the opportunity to view real applications of their theoretical learning. The teaching body and the institutions also have new methods to illustrate theory through innovative applications.

    Drones incorporate the skills of many disciplines: aerodynamics, the sizing of motors and propellers, the science of slaving and sensors, optics, electronics, coding, energy and batteries and materials. This set of fields can then be exploited in industries such as transport, film, security and surveillance, journalism and agriculture.

“From coding and STEM, to film, media and journalism, the uses are as numerous as they are amazing. And Parrot offers academies the most varied range of products there is on the drone market,” says Henri Seydoux, Parrot CEO.

Drones’ simplicity of use is sometimes misleading as to the complexity of their design.

    One incorrect calculation and it does not take off, bad slaving or an error in the line of code and it will crash… There is so much concrete knowledge that the student and the professor can theorise about and understand together.

“The new generation will be able to handle the use and the safety of drones, we are sure of that,” explains Jérôme Bouvard, Head of Parrot Education

The Parrot EDUCATION programme was launched to enable universities and schools to use drones very simply in classes, laboratories and in the field.

“From MiniDrones for primary schools to air 3D digitalisation for doctoral students, we have the equipment for your needs. And if our software does not offer all the options desired, students can develop them themselves via our Software Development Kit,” says Jérôme Bouvard.

    Students, teachers and researchers at accredited academies or non-profit organisations have priority access to our comprehensive offer:

  • Educational software
  • Special offers on Parrot products
  • Product packs for teaching in classes
  • Many software programmes and applications
  • Expert advice from Parrot
  • Sponsorship partnerships

 The programme is intended for two types of profile:

  • You are leading a project with a core educational theme: Visit the Parrot EDUCATION website and place a request to obtain a promotional code valid on our website. We study each project and make a proposal based on the feasibility, the needs and the benefits of your project.
  • You represent an institution or an academy: Ask for a quote on any Parrot Product on the Parrot Education website

    Find all the information relating to this programme on the Parrot EDUCATION page!

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Introducing Parrot EDUCATION



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