Did you know that Bebop drones can be used in professional movies and documentaries as an aerial video platform?

Well, Tom Rollauer, figured this out and used Bebop drones for cinematic shots in his film “Podgorze, Pearl of Cracow” which is now famous in Poland.


Tom R


Tom Rollauer is a professional film-maker who uses his Bebops mainly for shooting cinematic views of cities and monuments in order to include them in his historical documentaries.

We decided to learn more about this documentary, so we gave him an interview in order to share his experiences with you!

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Tom is the editor in chief of “Magazyn Transportwy”, a Polish quarterly and is also working in transporting laws. He is also a video producer and, as he describes himself, “a full-time dad :)”

Since I was 8 years old I have always dreamt of making films. However, my professional career was different. But my love and passion for cinema remained […] And so there was year 2014 when cameras and drones with full HD cameras became available for common people. And that is how I came back to my passion




Tom is using a Parrot Bebop 2 with a Skycontroller in addition to a Canon 7D for the shooting of his documentaries.

PodGorze – Pearl of Cracow


The movie PodGorze is a documentary redrawing the history of the city of PodGorze, located in the region of Cracow in Poland.

PodGorze will take you for an incredible journey to the most beautiful part of Cracow. It will show you undiscovered, unknown and unusual places, as well as places marked with tragic history.

You’ll also discover the history and local legends of places such beautiful that you’ll never forget them!


This documentary was a real success in Poland and was featured in local newspapers and television, Tom has even been invited on the stage of the local TV for an interview!




We wanted to know what Tom liked about his Bebop, especially for the shooting of this film, here is what he told us:

Bebop is small. I can take it anywhere. Bebop 2 is equipped with a good battery, which enables me to fly and film for 25 minutes – that is a big step forward. The video quality is also very good which is achieved thanks to the camera stabilizer. The Flight plan with its new functions (e.g. point of interest) complements the drone’s possibilites fantastically. I could speak about Bebop just with superlatives


Now it’s time to watch this documentary! 

Nowa Huta


nowa huta


Tom is already planning to release a new documentary and started shooting videos for it.

This documentary is already awaited by the local newspapers so if you are visiting Poland this summer, don’t be surprise if you spot a Bebop 2 in its sky!

TOM Rollauer

Don’t forget to check out the full interview of Tom here to learn more about him and his projects with the Bebop.

He’s also sharing many tips & advice for drone pilots!

Being sensible is the most important thing. I suggest reading manuals and tutorials or guidebooks for the beginner users of drones. A drone is an airship and together with stupidity can be a deadly mixture. I strongly advise to familiarize with drone flying regulations in your country.

Thank you Tom! 

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Interview of Tom Rollauer: Famous Bebop Film maker from Poland



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