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Flying Bebop x Britain’s Got Talent!

Take professional dancers, add half a dozen of Parrot BEBOP 2, and put them all on stage. You will get 4 YES from the judges of Britain’s Got Talent!

Flying Bebop, as featured in Britain’s Got Talent, is a dynamic and beautiful drone show!

It’s about a dance act which combines the best artists, engineers and drones to create dynamic and beautiful human + drone shows.

Britain's Got Talent: The adventure

britain talent


Flying Bebop team started the Britain’s Got Talent adventure in January 2016. Their challenge was to create something spectacular within the show’s many constraints: limited space on stage; limited duration for the audition; limited time to setup; a very busy radio environment and the requirement that the show worked first time.

The story behind the project



The goal of the team, behind this project, was to showcase what can be done with an autonomous drone swarm and an increased level of dynamism and interaction between dancers and drones. It was brought to such a degree that they become one medium working together, to communicate the choregraphy’s feeling.

How did they make it ?? 

Discover how this amazing show was made possible with this Behind The Scenes video!

More about the team

To learn more about the team behind this project, make sure to check their profile here!



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