Longer daytime, warmer temperatures, do you know what this means?

You’re right ! This can only mean one thing: more flying opportunities! And our Bebop pilots got this all figured out!

Whether they are in Australia, California or all over Europe, they got their Bebop high up in the sky and managed to bring us some amazing footage!

There is no doubt now, Flying season has definitely started !

Have a nice viewing!

Let’s focus on some of those amazing shots !

Incredible whale footage

Who needs a noisy, disturbing boat when you have a Bebop?


Oleksander Kryshchenko managed to catch an aerial view of Grey whales (2 adults & 2 babies) during his trip in a Refugio State Beach Campground (California), what an amazing footage! Great job  Oleksander!

Medieval Sirmione

Love castles? Love lakes? Why not both?



Have you ever imagined flying over a castle surrounded by crystal clear waters?

Gabriele Paris never disappoints with this amazing video of the castle of Sirmione (13th century) located in Italy

Sailing in front of Sydney Opera

Did you know that the bay of Sydney is an amazing place to sail?



Jeremy Ballester has flown his Bebop in the bay of Sydney, catching some outstanding footage of a sailing boat just in front of the Opera to our greatest pleasure!

Great job Jeremy!

Everlasting Carribean shipwreck

Bebop explorer strikes again with an unexpected find!



Michael Bartos is an expert AT flying his Bebop in abandoned places  and capturing breathtaking footage.

This time, he discovered an abandoned shipwreck in the middle of the Carribean sea!

Thank you to all our pilots for this Best Of!