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Have you ever thought about a firefighter drone?

Today, May 4th, we are celebrating the International Firefighters’ Day. The Seine-et-Marne firefighters crew proves us that the Bebop Drone can not only be used for leisure aerial video. It can also become a powerful professional tool to help them through their riskiest missions!

How did that happen you might ask.

Well, the firefighters from Seine-et-Marne (France) were looking for a drone solution to assist them in their field mission. One member of the team saw the Bebop 2 in action and was pretty astonished by its video abilities.
And that’s how it all started!

Later on, a demonstration of the Bebop in real conditions was made along with the firefighters crew. In fact, the firefighters themselves were piloting the Bebop 2 and it was a real success… despite the high temperatures, low visibility and overall hard conditions to fly!


bebop fire quote 2


The fact that the Bebop is really easy to fly and affordable allow them to have multiple ones for training purposes. Hence many firefighters are able to operate the drone on the field during fires or chemical leaks.

Plus, its compact size allows them to carry it easily on the field and quickly deploy it when needed!

Therefore, we are glad that Parrot Bebop 2 can be of any help to the firefighters who are dedicated to ensure our safety.

Parrot Bebop meets firefighters!



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2 thoughts on “Parrot Bebop meets firefighters!

  1. I personally think that, all the firefighters around the world need to utilize drones. The drones will transmit images to commanders in real-time, providing them with the details they should be immediately think of the perfect reaction.Besides, the drones also can be utilized in SAR (search and rescue), in flooding scenarios in which it could detect people stuck on rooftops or in occupied cars, as well as in harmful elements circumstances. So many things can be done via drones. You can see more and more drones will be released this year in order to help us in so many sector.

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