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Bebop drones can serve plenty of purposes and not only recreational aerial video and photos. One of our ambassadors, Eric Hanscom, located in California, USA, has figured this out!


Eric Hanscom


He is, of course, using his Bebop for flying fun and taking videos. But, he is also using it to help a local environmental group in monitoring the Salton Sea shoreline recession, as well as a mangrove restoration project.

We decided to learn more about his project, so we gave him an interview in order to share his experiences with you!

Click here to read the full interview right now!

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Eric is a patent and trademark attorney who lives in Carlsbad, CA with his wife and 9-year old son who also loves piloting his Bebop!

After starting to fly drones few years ago in the Anza Borrego desert, he took a trip to Thailand and brought his drone with him. One thing leading to another, he happened to fly his drone for monks in Thai temples!


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Eric is currently using a Parrot Bebop 2 with a Skycontroller and an ipad mini while his son is flying with a Bebop Drone.


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Salton Sea Protection program


Eric decided to use his Bebop to monitor the Salton Sea levels, and especially the restoration efforts of the Imperial Irrigation District.


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We wanted to learn more about this amazing project and asked him how helpful was the Bebop for that purpose and why he chose it, here is his answer:

            The Bebop line is an excellent choice for the Salton Sea area. There are a couple of key features, which work with both the documentation of the Salton Sea’s water level/restoration efforts, and flying around some of its more attractive features. When I’m flying to document changes in water level, I generally get the drone up to different altitudes, then pan laterally across the seashore. The Bebop is great at maintaining its altitude, even in windy conditions, and giving us clear photos and videos that we can use to compare with previous flights at the same location to show how more and more of the sea bed is being exposed as the water level drops.

I like how small and quiet the Bebop is. The Salton Sea is either home or at least a stopover for over 400 species of birds, most of which do not like noisy drones buzzing through their nesting areas. The Bebop is small enough not appear as threatening as a larger drone, and quiet enough so it has a better chance of blending into the surroundings and not frightening the birds


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Save Our Sea project!


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A massive event was held in order to generate awareness about the ever-shrinking shoreline of the Salton Sea, for this purpose, 62 vehicles spelled “SOS” for “Save Our Sea”.

Of course, Eric was there to immortalize this incredible event with his Bebop!

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Don’t forget to check out the full interview of Eric here to learn more about him and his projects with the Bebop.

He’s also sharing many tips & advice for drone pilots!

Thank you Eric! 

We’d like to thanks Eric for taking the time to answer our questions and showing us how great and helpful drones can be for noble causes.

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Want to hear more about Bebop pilots and check what they are doing with their Bebops? Then join the Bebop Community right now !


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Interview of Eric Hanscom: drone pilot for noble acts



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