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FreeFlight 3.9 – Major Update – Flight Plan POI, Progressive course, Wi-Fi protection…

These new versions of FreeFlight v3.9 and Parrot Bebop drone firmware v3.2 unveil new major features in FreeFlight3 app and Flight plan (in-app purchase). With this release, our users will enjoy new smart video and piloting modes as well as a secure wifi connexion between their smartphone and their drone.

This release is for Parrot Bebop drones (1 & 2) owners. Both, the app and the firmware, need to be updated.

Point of Interest

This new feature allows you to set a specific location such as a building or an object as a Point of Interest in Flight Plan app. Your Parrot Bebop drone will adapt its orientation during the waypoints to keep the POI in the field of view while you record the perfect shots.



Progressive Course

This feature allows you to set a progressive course between two waypoints in Flight Plan app. Your Parrot Bebop drone will progressively modify its orientation for better smooth videos.



Click here to download Flight Plan’s userguide updated with these new features.

Secure Link

With Secure Link you can set a secure wifi connexion between the drone and the smartphone with an 8-characters password (WPA2). This option can be activated in FreeFlight3 Network settings.


Banked Turn

Banked-turn-freeflight3Banked turn mode is an assisted piloting option allowing you to easily make turns in which the drone inclines for a sporty flight behavior. Your aerial shots will be more dynamic than before. You can activate this option in FreeFlight 3 Flight settings.

Download Freeflight 3 for Free!

  • jimmy mandeville

    since this update i can’t get the maps to preload. Any suggestions?

    • Dario Brivio

      since this version (finally!!) you don’t need to preload a map as the cellular data is working also when the Bebop is connected. Well…if you have cellular data coverage in the area where you fly!

  • Calin Bugnariu

    After this new update, Bebop doesn’t hover anymore….it moves by itself to the right after take-off.
    Can somebody tell me why?

    • Pascal Lenoir

      Here the drone was uncontrolleble and flew against the wall… not broken button still. Asked parrot for respons…..waiting

      • Calin Bugnariu

        Please, let me know their answer when you get it !

        • Anton Vylitok

          I have the same problem Bebop 1. When I downgrate firmware to 2.0.57 it has not such a problem but to use Flight Plan new POI function I update the firware to 3.2 and then I press a take off button my drone flip on the right side. I check all motors are working well. Again downgrate firmware – OK, upgrate – have discribed problem.
          Please help!

        • Pascal Lenoir

          I still a mailing with parrot and had 4 mails back.still non worked so far. Must to do with the update….when skycontroller. Is turned on the connection fails and is bad. Maybe a downdate to an older version….. freeflight 3

          • Calin Bugnariu

            Hope to resolve soon, with an another update. I asked that on Freeflight page on Google store too.

          • Pascal Lenoir

            I allso think that that is te problem

        • Pascal Lenoir

          They want me to sent thema the bebop for repair? My bebop is from februari 2015. I think it is going to cost me money…..

          I think i will wait for the next update.. Asked them if the update was compatible with the bebop 1. no answer.

          • Calin Bugnariu

            Yes, i wait the next update too…

      • jurgen kramer

        I had the same problem too. But this was only when I use the skycontroller. Also bad WiFi connection. Before Update I didn’t have these problems. I must say that when i use only the iPad, controlling the bebop 1 has improved. I’m also waiting for an update of the skycontroller

      • jurgen kramer

        I had Some suggestions from the parrot team. Like resetting the skycontroller by pushing the record and emergency button together for about 10 seconds. This helped partly. I didn’t experience any communication loss from that time. But have still grey screens now and then. It has improved but not 100%. I still have to test without wpa2 security. But then the weather has to clear a bit.

        • Pascal Lenoir

          I will try it here tomorrow

          • jurgen kramer

            I have tested without the WPA2 security. It didn’t make any diverence. Beware that if the drone is uncontrollable, calibrate it, that helps also too. Unfortunatley I have crashed my bebop into water due to empty battery, It was to far away to come back and desended very quickly all of a sudden. I cannot repare it anymore. Maybe a chance to by the bebop 2.

          • Pascal Lenoir

            I am sorry for your laat lost. R.I.P.

          • jurgen kramer

            Thanx I’m very agitated, I just decided to buy the bebop 2. I let you know then what my experiences are with this combination. I will be more careful above water.

    • Anton Vylitok

      I have the same problem. When I downgrate firmware to 2.0.57 it has not such a problem but to use Flight Plan new POI function I update the firware to 3.2 and then a press a take off button my drone flip on the right side. I check all motors are working well. Again downgrate firmware – OK, upgrate – have discribed problem.
      Please help!

    • Anton Vylitok

      Have the same problem. Iam waiting for answer too.

  • David Bekelaar

    I also have a problem with preloading maps on ios device. Before the update it worked fine.

  • Tony

    Excellent feature, well done Parrot… ooh but … I can’t even buy it!
    Is this excellent (and expensive) feature I am prepared to pay for, also available on the FreeFlight app for Windows Phone as well?
    … or is Parrot not interested in selling their products and services to Windows users ?
    (just asking for a laugh!)…

  • Stamos Velouzos

    after the firmware update I have problems with angle view (flight plan mode) with video record

  • lee h

    trying to work paid flight plan. connecting with skycontroller system but when i press play it says error or sometimes drone needs update yet no update available

  • Joland

    on my sony experia tablet I can’t see the POI and als not the close button in my flightplan editor.
    can flightplans been

    • Joland

      reinstalled freeflight and now it’s working

  • Nicolas Popy

    No W10 version ? With a Surface or a Windows Phone, this update will be great ! please !!!
    With Universal App, one version for 2 devices !

    • adino


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  • Kresten Breiner

    Nice with the WPA2, but how do I get the skycontroller on with that?

  • Matthias B

    With the latest update my parrot jumping night does not work anymore. Very disappointing

  • Martin Dallaire

    Someone can help me… my Bebop 2 is a 3.9 and when i use the flight plan, i’t tell me to put my Bebop update… But when a check for any update, it’s said that i’m a the newest version….?????

    Someone have this issue?

    • Martin Dallaire

      Forgot to tell that firmware is up to date too!

    • jurgen kramer

      I have the same now with the new features, follow me and tracking. At update it says “new version 3.9. Current is 4.0” (?!). That doesn’t make any sense.

  • Bob Fogle

    I purchased the flight plan from free flight it does not give me any options to change 4 speed. It allows me to save but nothing is sent to my Bebop. Give me options like the video shows. after purchasing on my smartphone now my tablet is asking me to purchase it a second time