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We all know the pleasure of discovering great photos & videos on the internal memory of our Bebop when coming back from a flight.

Therefore, we will give you here few tips & tricks in order to shoot the best videos and photos possible with your Bebop.flight settings

The settings of the Bebop are very important in order to get great footage. Here are some pieces of advice regarding those settings:

  • Use a low maximum inclination angle, about 15° maximum. This will allow you to make much smoother movements, especially travellings. The Bebop will be slower and easier to pilot. The key in the aerial video is not the speed but the smoothness. The lower the speed is, the greater will the video be.
  • Use a slow maximum rotation speed, let’s say about 50°/sec maximum. Just like with the inclination angle, a slower rotation speed will help you to turn much more smoothly and without bumps, which is a real plus for panoramics shots or lateral travellings and orbits.
  • In photography, favour DNG pictures. The DNG shots have a 14Mpx high resolution and allow you to edit them later if you want to. For more info on how this mode, check out our tutorial on how to edit Raw DNG shots.

Aside the settings, for optimal results in video mode, always use perfect, non-damaged propellers and always check that the lens is clean. You can clean the lens using a soft cloth.P1320845

Another key element for great aerial videos are the piloting skills.

As we said before, always favour slow and smooth movements when you are filming with your Bebop. You’ll want to avoid fast and abrupt movements, it is better to be too slow than too fast.

Don’t fly too fast, as with any camera, the faster you go, the lower will the video quality be. This doesn’t stop you from going a bit fast, but it’s all about finding the middle ground for the scene you want to capture and depending on the flying conditions (winds etc…)

Take your time, don’t be in a hurry to film something and if you want to film a particular subject, don’t hesitate to make multiple shots in order to keep the best one.

In order to optimise the scenery’s exposure, you can adjust the camera’s orientation. For example, on a dark scene, tilting the camera towards the ground will raise the exposure and make the scene brighter.ciel

Aerial video and photography depend a lot on the weather.

Therefore, they are some meteorological conditions that don’t stop you from flying your Bebop, but which are not suitable for aerial video. If you want best results in video or photo, we advise you to avoid theses situations:

  • Avoid flying with a strong wind
  • Avoid flying with very low temperatures
  • Avoid flying if the light is very low (when the night comes, when it is very cloudy or about to rain etc…)

Always favour a clear, sunny and calm weather.

In terms of lights, the best and most beautiful lights are at the dawn and the dusk. The light at theses moments is warmer and cast more shadows which give perspective to the video. A midday light at the opposite will be too bright and will tend to flatten perspectives.

In order to check easily if the weather is good to fly or not, we recommend you to check this very well built website:

uav forescast

Parrot Bebop 1 & 2: Tips & tricks for aerial video



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16 thoughts on “Parrot Bebop 1 & 2: Tips & tricks for aerial video

  1. what is the actual signal range for parrot bebop if i am using samsung note 5 or samsung E tablet to fly it … on the box it says 250 m in the store they told me 50- 60 top … so i am confused

      1. It depends on the tablet. Using my Galaxy Tab 4 (Nook tablet) I get better range than if I use my iPad but either is fine. The range is more than 50-60 m. My location is flat with minimal trees and I would say I was getting close to 250-300 m range.

  2. I have a problem with the brightness or white balance. I have tried going into the menu to adjust but during sunny days it’s like a white out. Any ideas??? I have a Behop drone series 1.

    1. Hi Adam so you’d a problem with the brightness. Please you can go to your main apps I mean that “controlling apps” then select the display setting next work find brightness option, now you will easily up and down your brightness, and one more thing remember that always updating your device. Thank you.

  3. I’m kind of in the same boat. I’ve been observing that the colder it gets, the worse my video looks. I did notice that opening the video with a third party video editor and adding some sharpness helped a lot. You can also try changing the exposure settings (by tapping the 1080p at top center of the screen when connected). Mine was set to what I assume is ‘sunlight’ mode out of the box. Hopefully someone with more experience can offer better suggestions.

  4. I told Parrot the same thing, I noticed in 32 degrees or so, video starts out great then gets crappier, I think this is due to condensation, but yeah, your not alone. Something doesnt agree with the cold.

  5. One tip I’d like to add for additional security to the drone is attaching a tracking device to it. One that I especially like is Trackimo device which has a lot of great features and precise tracking capabilities.

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