Released in last November, the Bebop 2 is the new high-end video drone from Parrot.

More powerful, more robust and with an increased autonomy, the Bebop 2 is the first leisure drone of 500gr with 25 minutes of flight time!

We will focus in this article on the major evolutions between the Bebop Drone (still available) and the new Bebop 2.


First of all, in terms of size, the Bebop 2 is bigger than the Bebop 1, the Bebop 2 has a 290mm frame type while the Bebop 1 has a 250mm frame type.

Its overall dimensions are now 32.8 x 38.2 cm (Bebop 2) versus 28 x 32 cm (Bebop 1)


size comapraison


The Bebop 2 now has 6 inches propellers versus 5.5 inches propellers on the Bebop 1 which gives it more thrust (+10% output)!

Hélice comparaison

A Bebop 1 propeller (in black) and a Bebop 2 propeller (in red)


The new Bebop no longer has dual arms but aviation inspired single arms. These new arms, flexible and robust give it a clean look.

Bebop 2 Lifestyle 2


The new Bebop 2 also has a new LED tail light, which is also the on / off button. This very bright LED is visible from a great distance and helps you spot your Bebop 2 and checks its orientation while flying.


A major improvement of the Bebop 2 is its new high capacity battery !The capacity of the Bebop 2’s battery has been highly increased (2700 mAh) in comparison to the Bebop 1’s battery (1200 mAh).

The battery also has a new locking system using a latch on its back which means velcro strap are no longer needed to keep it in place.

The result? the Bebop 2 now has an outstanding 25 min fly time in “Normal” piloting and about 21 minute in aggressive flying style or with heavy winds.

The Bebop 1 has a 11 min flight time in normal piloting.

Batterie comapCAMERA2

The Bebop 2 has a whole new 180° fish-eye lens, more tilted towards the ground than the one of the Bebop 1 which allows the Bebop 2 to catch more ground and less sky. You can also shoot from above (up to 90° on Bebop 2).

The lens also catches more light for a better video quality in low light conditions. Click here to watch a video recorded by the Bebop 2 in low light conditions.


speed front

With a maximal inclination of 35° versus 30° on the Bebop 1, the Bebop 2 is faster and quicker than its predecessor.

It can now reach a top speed of 18 m/s (65 kph) versus 13  m/s (47 kph) on the Bebop 1.

The climbing top speed has also been increased since the Bebop 2 can now have a maximal vertical speed of 6 m/s versus 2.5 m/s on the Bebop 1.



The new Bebop 2 has a new Ublox Neo 8M GPS chip with an increased precision! The number of maximum visible satellites has also been increased (12 satellites max on the Bebop 1 VS 19 satellites max on the Bebop 2)

This increased GPS reliability is a real advantage for automated flight modes (Return to Home, Flight Plan) and high altitude stability.



The Bebop 2 also has new optimized motors with a higher winding density and reinforcements giving them a better resistance to shocks.

The ESC (Electronic Speed Controllers) have also been improved for more power, reactivity and performance (+10%).

Wind resistance 

Thanks to theses upgrades, the Bebop 2 now has a way better wind resistance than the Bebop 1.

lateral wind

Watch Bebop 2 wind turbine test video here!



The Bebop 2 is sold alone or in a bundle with the new “Black Edition” Skycontroller . This new controller features a black body, a new position of buttons and a new battery connector identical to the one of the Bebop 2 allowing it to use the Bebop 2’s 2700 mAh batteries.

The Bebop 2 remains entirely compatible with the older Skycontrollers to ensure a great connectivity on long distance flights (2km max) and a video streaming through the HDMI port. This HDMI port can be used to connect optional FPV goggles.

Flight plan


In the same way, the automated flight planification tool: Flight Plan (available though in-app purchase) of FreeFlight 3 can be used on both Bebop 1 and Bebop 2 drones. You’ll be ask to choose which drone you want to use before planning your flights in order to adapt the settings to the chosen drone.boxes

Whether you have a Bebop 2 or a Bebop 1, join the Bebop community without waiting further!


Bebop 2 vs Bebop Drone comparison



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17 thoughts on “Bebop 2 vs Bebop Drone comparison

  1. Bebop 1 autonomy has dramatically decreased since the release of the “flighplan firmware” and now users are experiencing an autonomy of 6/7 minutes. Can you Parrot do something to get back to the previous autonomy or we should all buy the Bebop 2 to enjoy the prolonged autonomy?

    1. hey, you have bad phone. I has iPhone 5 and same troubles. Laggy, low resolution, freeze, … Now I have iPhone 6s, everything is good. And try set record resolution to 720, then fpv will be 720 too. If you have set record 1080, fpv video is only 480.

  2. Could anybody tell me how waterproof bebop 2 is? This because I live in a neighbourhood with a lot of water and rain. And Parrot advertises with ‘fly in all weather conditions’ so rain should not be a problem. But with Bebop 1 they said you could not fly in moist conditions.

    Regards, Dook – Holland

    1. There is an aqua-landing kit available – essentially 4 balls, about 5cm each in diameter, that you just press onto the original legs in lieu of the standard little rubber feet. With that setup, the drone will simpply land on water and stay afloat.

      I got a set and it works great.

      Here is the link:


      Toronto, Canada

  3. Broke my Bebop 2 frame today. Parrot is no help. Not making any new frames right now. None available online either. Now it’s a $500 useless piece of garbage! Gonna buy a DJI Phantom. Seems like a better company.

  4. I have both Bebop 1 and Bebop2. The rear left engine of Bebop 2 broke after crash. Can I change with the Bebop 2 rear left engine? I’ll have a safety fly? Or NO?
    Thanks a lot.
    J. Herculano

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