We live in an exciting time with technology that empowers individuals to explore our world in ways we could not have imagined. Parrot has given drone enthusiasts the ability to see the world from a whole new angle. This week the United States Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) announced a program to improve safety and pilot responsibility for unmanned aircraft systems (UAS), also referred to as drones. This program will require pilots to register within 30 days of purchasing a qualifying UAS. Parrot believes the new FAA regulations will be helpful in providing consumers clear rules and guidelines to safely enjoy their toy drones. Qualifying drones are defined as being over 0.55 lbs. but less than 55 lbs. and flown outdoors.

Screen Shot 2015-12-16 at 4.18.07 PMThe pilot registration website will be available starting December 21st.  Anyone who owned a qualifying drone before December 21st has until February 19, 2016 to register. Drones purchased after December 21st must be registered within 30 days. The fee to register is $5, but it is refunded when registration occurs within 30 days of purchase. The FAA will also provide refunds until February 19, 2016 for those who had a qualifying drone before the start of this program.

 We are looking into ways to make the registration process easy for you and provide more information to help comply with the new rules. We will have a future blog post to walkthrough the registration process and answer your questions.

 As a quick guide, the following Parrot products need to be registered on the FAA site:

The following do not need to be registered:


Read the FAA announcement here and check out the FAQ page.

If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to reach out to our team by email or call us at 877-972-7768 (877-9Parrot). We are available Monday – Friday 9:00 a.m. to 10:00 p.m. EST and Saturday and Sunday 9:00 a.m. to 7:00 p.m. EST.

Happy flying!

New FAA Drone Registration Info (US Only)



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10 thoughts on “New FAA Drone Registration Info (US Only)

  1. What is to do for non US citizens like tourists ? I read “Everyone, including foreign nationals and tourists, who operate a UAS for hobby or recreational purposes outdoors in the U.S. must use the FAA’s online registration system.”

    but if I access the website I get

    “The request could not be satisfied.
    The Amazon CloudFront distribution is configured to block access from your country.”

    What can I do?

      1. Wait until you get stateside and then register your drone before you fly. And it’s a bit confusing – the drone individual drone is not being registered, the user is. Each drone you use from now on will have the same registry number, which traces back to you. If you still have some problem with registering using your home address in a foreign country, use an address you will be staying at as your home address.

        1. Yeah I was thinking I’d probably have to do that. I was trying to get in before the free period ended though, and unfortunately that’s long over.
          Thanks for the suggestion though.

    1. “What can I do?” Except the fact that you just experienced the level of competence of the FAA in a Country that says do as our laws say to do but not as we do. Don’t Google ” (v-c)/c=2.48e-5 ” or you will see the US is not alone and someone lied to the world in 2011 unless the most colossal coincidence in the history of mankind occurred.

  2. If we are a tourist, are we allowed to fly a drone in the us?
    In order to register the drone, we must be a us citizen or permanent citizen, but if I’m not then what shall I do?
    Thank you

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