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Neurala releases “Selfie Dronie” App for Parrot Bebop 1 & 2

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Neurala, Boston company, releases world’s first software App to create autonomous self-flying drone camera without using specialized hardware!

The Neurala App allows you to take automatic selfies & dronies with your Bebop 1 or Bebop 2 !

There is no need to buy a specialized selfie drone to get stunning videos with hands-free operation. Neurala “Selfie Dronie” uses advanced artificial intelligence, deep learning and vision to create a self-flying, autonomous Bebop! The Neurala software analyzes what the camera sees and automatically sends commands to keep the video on the subject as it flies. It is not necessary to wear a special device or to carry a cell phone, as other solutions require.

Even though it uses state-of-the-art technology, Neurala Selfie Dronie is extremely easy to use. Just select a person or object on the screen and press a button to start the selfie or dronie. Users can participate in their activities instead of operating the controls.

The App is now available on the Apple Store and later on Android.

iOS app is Free for Cybermonday today only !!


Stunning Selfies & Dronies

Neurala’s approach differs from the specialized self-flying drones that use specialized tracking hardware or the GPS on a phone. Instead, the user selects an object by moving a box on their iPhone, iPad or Android screen. Once the object is selected, Neurala’s vision processing software locks onto the subject visually.

Instead of standing there controlling your Bebop, the Neurala’s intelligent software does all the flying for you. Simply move the onscreen box to select the subject of your video.



Take a Selfie 

One touch captures incredible video selfies. Neurala automatically flies your Bebop from side to side while pointing the camera at you or your subject. Be part of the action.


Take a Dronie 

One touch records stunning aerial dronies. Neurala flies your Bebop backwards and higher into the sky while pointed at you. Capture the scenery, your event, the awesome moment.



Note: Neurala requires an iPad Air, iPad Air 2, iPad Mini 3, iPhone 5s or iPhone 6 and a Parrot Bebop or Bebop 2 (firmware v. 3.0.3) 

About Neurala

Neurala, Inc  creates software that makes robots, drones, toys, consumer electonics, self-driving cars and smart devices (ioT) more autonomous, engaging and useful. The patent-pending Neurala Intelligence Engine (NIE) is based on the way the human brain works using passive sensors (e.g., cameras like eyes and microphones like ears), make intelligent decisions and act. NIE is based on technology that Neurala developed for NASA for planetary exploration and for the U.S. Air Force Research Labs.


  1. Youngjin Song says:

    Coooooooooooooooooooool !!!!

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  4. Didier Luis-Manzanares says:

    ne veut pas s’installer ni sur l’iphone5,6,ipad ???? compatible ios 9 ??

  5. Stéphane Berlemont says:

    Selfie Dronie screen remains white on Bebop 2. Looks like the app need v3.0.3 of Bebop 2 firmware. The thing is, only 3.0.2 is available…

  6. David Ganderatz says:

    Ne fonctionne pas avec bebop2 et iPhone 6. Toutes les mises jours ont été faite mais je n’ai pas de retour video. Une explication ou une mise à jours serait la bienvenue.

  7. suprem972 says:

    anndroiiiiiiiiiiiiiiid !!!!!!

  8. Jason Black says:

    Any word or if this is still going to be developed for android?

  9. Samara Samara says:

    wow great app thx

  10. If this is for android as well, i would give it 5 stars because that is very new to me. I never saw a selfie app that works like this.

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