Create your own flight plans like a pro!

Parrot introduces the Bebop Drone Flight Plan to allow pilots to create an easy and autonomous flight.

The pilot can plot the desired flight route on a map and precisely define all flight parameters such as: direction, altitude, speed, camera angle and video recording or pictures.

Flight Plan offers an ideal piloting mode for filming in full HD.

Flight Plan : Pre-flight preparation

After activating the Flight Plan feature from the Parrot FreeFlight 3 piloting app, a map showing the flight area is displayed on the user’s smart device.

ipad-flightplanThe pilot then selects a departure point by simply clicking on the map. From there, the user can easily click on other points on the map to create the drone’s route. Between each point the pilot can change the direction, speed or altitude of the Bebop Drone.



Mode scénario

Video makers will enjoy the ‘Scenario mode,’ which offers smart settings for all of the programmed flight sequences such as: filming, taking a picture, taking-off, landing, rotating the drone and tilting the camera. The user is able to add preset actions en-route by just dragging and dropping and can then adjust the parameters for each action during the flight sequence.


All flight plans can be saved and be reenacted to allow for easy and seamless footage, providing users with the option to capture a scene multiple times to get the perfect take.

Note: The in-app Flight Plan module uses the MAVlink open source communication to transmit the flight plan to the Parrot Bebop Drone.


Flight Plan : Follow the Bebop progression

By pushing the  “play”  button, the Parrot Bebop Drone will automatically take off.

Thanks to its GNNS chipset, which associates the GPS and GLONASS data, the drone’s location will be accurately pinpointed within +/- 6 feet, and can precisely follow  the pre-set route and actions.


On the tablet or smartphone display, the pilot can follow the progression of the Bebop Drone step-by-step on a map and through the live-streaming video features. Even when the Flight Plan is activated, the pilot is able to manually control the drone at any time.

All videos and pictures are saved on the quadcopter’s flash memory and can be downloaded and shared with the pilot community through the Drone Academy.


I want to try!

Flight Plan is available via an in-app purchase. RRP: $19.99

The free piloting app FreeFlight 3 (version 3.7), is available for download on AppStore and Google Play.

Flight Plan Tutorial:

If you already own Flight Plan addon, you can learn to create your first Flight plan thanks to our tutorial: :

Flight plan update is now available for Bebop Drone!



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19 thoughts on “Flight plan update is now available for Bebop Drone!

  1. I have purchased flightplan on my iPad, but it is not available on my iPhone. Do you have to purchase it for each device .

  2. Parrot have contacted me and confirmed that the app is across all devices. When it asks you to purchase it by logging into iTunes, it recognises you have already purchased it and downloads it for free.

      1. I’m not sure that’s true, I’m being prompted to purchase on another iPad AND my android device after purchasing on my primary iPad. This should tie to the academy account.

        1. That’s true. My IPad died, so i bought another IPad and now I have to buy a new Flightplan app for 19.90 euro?! WTF!

    1. I can confirm that this is true. I myself had purchased it on my iPhone 6 plus and wanted it on my iPad. This is the first link I have found that confirmed that this is true. Thank you Ken! I just tested it this morning. You will see it ask just like Ken said, then it pops up a message box that says you already have purchased it and would you like it for Free. I selected it and it did not charge me.
      Happy Flying my friends!

  3. What happens if you have different SO’s? I use iPad (iOS) and nVidia Shield Portable (Android). Will I be charged in Google Play after having bought in Apple Store?

  4. I must say that for what the public views as “revision one” for FlightPlan, great job Parrot!

    I honestly expected to purchase the FlightPlan feature, along with another drone, as a result of a crash, however, in the limited time that I’ve had to toy with the feature set, it seems to be working, exactly as anticipated!

    Here’s a few video’s for anyone that might be interested in seeing what Bebop is truly capable of, (highly compressed from YouTube, unfortunately).. In one of these videos, you can actually see the Florida Capital (USA) in the extreme background.

    (The flight was in full compliance of the most-current FAA FAR’s)

  5. Hello, I plan to fly in and area without internet access, is there a way to previously download the google map of the area where I plan to fly so t be able to use flight plan?

    Thanks in advance

  6. I have the Mini Cargo drone. Free flight 3 has the option of buying flight plan but I think it won’t work with the mini. Anyone know for sure? I don’t want to buy an app that won’t work.

      1. That option is in my iPhone but it is missing in android tablet. So how can I use it on my tablet when I am logged in wit same account?

  7. Can I set a flight plan much greater than my Wifi range and will it follow via GPS alone? I guess my question is, once I activate the autonomous flight even if I turned my controller off and it will do as programmed?

  8. Do flight via GPS programmed in flightplan require line of sight or wifi connection to be maintained during flight? Or once launched are the completely anonymous? Can they be used to allow the bebop to fly outside of wifi range and return using the GPS coords?

  9. I brought this for my iPad but I need a code to get it on my google tablet can you help me please

  10. Paid the $19.95 for Flight Plan in the freeflight pro app. But it does not have any options except point of intrest and elevation. And will not load to bebop..HELP

  11. I have had to upgrade my phone and have loaded flightplan onto it. the only problem, is I cannot remember my email and password details. can you help me retrieve them please?

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